Ginezol cream
 Ginezol - antifungal agent.

Pharmacological action

Ginezol has antimicrobial activity, suppresses dermatophytes, yeast and other fungi infecting the skin and mucosa.

There are positive reviews of Ginezol, used in gynecology, which indicate that he quickly relieves itching, often accompanied by a fungal disease of the vagina and does not affect the acidity of the vagina, the composition of its flora.

The active ingredient of the drug - miconazole.

Product form

Producing spray and cream for external use, vaginal suppositories and capsules.


Local vaginal suppositories Ginezol instructions for use for the treatment of vulvovaginal candidiasis and vaginal fungal balanitis.

Topical cream or spray is used for the treatment of onychomycosis, tinea.

Instructions Ginezol: how to use

Capsules and vaginal suppositories are administered into the vagina overnight. After the disappearance of the symptoms of fungal infections treatment should be continued for another two weeks.

Apply these therapeutic regimens:

  • 200mg administered at night during the week;
  • administered on the first day of therapy 200mg of the drug at night and in the morning and 200 mg in the evening for the next three days;
  • administered 400 mg at night for three days.

The total duration of treatment depends on the data Ginezol smears on the fungus. On average, it does not last longer than six weeks.

Treatment of onychomycosis lasts three months, with the use Ginezol should continually.

In other types of fungus cream or spray applied to the affected skin with two p / day, gently rubbing. Treatment continued until symptoms of the fungus and to consolidate the results continue to apply the cream / spray Ginezol a few more days.  Ginezol suppositories

Side effects Ginezol

The drug can cause nausea, diarrhea - with continued use, skin reactions.

There are reviews of Ginezol in the form of vaginal suppositories, causing an allergic reaction to the vaginal mucosa.

Apply a cream or spray should Ginezol without exceeding the assigned dosage, otherwise it may cause irritation of the skin, burning, itching. These symptoms are transient, disappearing after the abolition of money.


Vaginal suppositories and capsules Ginezol not take 2-3 trimesters of pregnancy, renal, hepatic failure, they do not prescribe to children under 12 liters.

With caution should be used Ginezol those who suffer from diabetes, impaired microcirculation.

When assigning funds take into account that its active ingredient enhances the action of phenytoin, oral drugs that lower blood sugar, indirect anticoagulants.