Gindzhaleling - agent for the treatment of diseases of the urinary tract.

Pharmacological action Gindzhalelinga

Gindzhaleling has a diuretic and anti-inflammatory effect, relieves spasms and eliminates renal colic, restores normal renal urodynamics, helps dissolve and remove the stones from the urinary tract after splitting so well with lithotripsy - procedures grinding stones shock-wave method. It has been established that the agent is effective in oxalate stones, uric acid and mixed types.

Gindzhaleling created plant-based, it includes orthosiphon and kedzhibelinga leaves, grass meniran root of ylang-ylang.

Orthosiphon - plant has a diuretic effect, helps to excrete uric acid, chloride, urea, bile, relieves spasms, increases the secretion of gastric juice.

Kedzhibeling prevents kidney, bile ducts, gall bladder stones, lowers blood sugar, has diuretic, laxative effect.

Ylang-ylang is known for its relaxing effect.

Product form

Gindzhaleling release capsules.


The drug is effective for inflammation in the urinary tract, nefrourolitiaze, it can be taken if there is renal pelvis stones no larger than 0, 4-0, 6 cm.

Judging by the reviews, Gindzhaleling successfully launches small stones of the upper urinary tract.

Allowed to use Gindzhaleling in pediatrics for the treatment dezmetabolicheskoy nephropathy, urolithiasis.

Instructions Gindzhalelinga: how to use

For the treatment of the indications for use in diseases take two capsules 3 p / day.

For prevention you can take one capsule Gindzhaleling 3 p / day.

The treatment lasts 3-6 months. The ability to use longer capsules should be discussed with your doctor.

Drug therapy, it is desirable to combine with increased fluid intake. To wash down the capsule is recommended 250ml of warm water.  Gindzhaleling release capsules

side effects

The drug Gindzhaleling can cause various allergic reactions in case of intolerance components.

Data on drug overdose and the subsequent negative consequences no reviews Gindzhalelinge characterize it as a drug suitable for prolonged use.


Gindzhaleling of instruction should not be administered in case of hypersensitivity to its components.

Information about the possibility of the drug during pregnancy, lactation not.