Gidazepam formula

Gidazepam - a tranquilizer with anti-anxiety and anticonvulsant effect.

active substance: Гидразинокарбонилметилбромфенилдигидробенздиазепин.

Pharmacological action

The instructions to gidazepam drug listed as a tranquilizer with anti-anxiety and anticonvulsant effect.

In contrast to the preparations of similar action Gidazepam has activating effect and leads to mild muscle relaxation.

Indications gidazepam

Applications must be gidazepam neurotic, psychotic, and psihopatopodobnyh asthenia, when anxiety, fear, migraines, irritability, tension, under different obsessive-compulsive disorder, insomnia and emotional instability, to relieve withdrawal symptoms of alcohol (abstinence) and alcoholism convalescence patients with chronic alcoholism (remission).

Product form

Gidazepam produced in the form of tablets of 20 mg or 50 mg.

Instructions for use gidazepam

 Gidazepam pills
 Application gidazepam treatment psihopodobnymi states must be performed in dosages of 0 06 g of active ingredient for 0, 2 g:

  • migraines and stuttering - from 0 to 04 and 0, 06 g,
  • conditions for removing alcohol agent administered 0, 05 g, average - 0 15 g,
  • in the absence of clinical manifestations of the drug is used as a means of supporting the course of therapy in case of neurotic states, the average dose per day is 0, 05-0, '15

Duration of therapy depends on the preparation of the patient and individual tolerance means. The course may last 3-4 months. Assign inside three times a day and gradually increase the dose, but the maximum dose per day - to 0, 5 g

Contraindications gidazepam

Application gidazepam contraindicated in case of hypersensitivity, myasthenia gravis, liver failure, kidney failure, chronic form during pregnancy and during lactation.

C use caution when open-angle glaucoma.

side effects

In the opinion of gidazepam sometimes when reception may occur drowsiness, muscle weakness, lethargy, slowing of reaction (motor and mental), to develop addictive, with long-term treatment with high doses - drug dependency.

Sometimes it also develops the disruption of the cerebellum (staggering when walking), decreased concentration, memory loss, eating disorders, reduced potency and sexual desire, impaired menstruation, allergic reactions.

Interaction with Drug

Gidazepam enhances effect of ethanol, hypnotics, neuroleptics and opioids on the central nervous system.

storage conditions

Gidazepam stored in a dry, dark place.