Gerpevir ointment
 Gerpevir - antiviral drug having a high activity against herpes simplex virus type I, II, herpes zoster and chickenpox.

Pharmacological action

The active ingredient is acyclovir gerpevir that interact with viral enzymes interrupts the replication of the virus.

Application gerpevir can prevent the formation of new scars, accelerate the formation of crusts, ease the pain of shingles.

The drug has immunostimulatory properties.

Gerpevir, reviews confirm effective against cytomegalovirus and Epstein-Barr virus (herpes type IV).

The maximum concentration of drug in blood after oral administration is observed after 90-120 minutes. The level of systemic absorption Gerpevir ointment after repeated use is minimal.


Apply Gerpevir guide recommends the following cases:

  • infections of the skin and mucous membranes, caused by the herpes virus type I, II, including primary and recurrent genital herpes;
  • prevention of infections provoked by the herpes simplex virus in patients with impaired function of the immune system;
  • prevention of recurrence of herpes in patients with normal immune systems;
  • infection caused by varicella zoster.

Reviews gerpevir confirm efficacy in the prevention and treatment of all these diseases.

Instructions for use gerpevir

Gerpevir produced in the form of tablets, ointments and injections for intravenous administration.

 Gerpevir pills
 Treatment should begin Gerpevir tablets at the first symptoms of the disease. During treatment is recommended to drink the liquid in large quantities. You can take the drug with food. One tablet Gerpevir corresponds to 0, 2 g of acyclovir. Children with primary herpes simplex infections in 5 receptions recommended to take 0, 5 g (up to 2 years) and 1 g (over 2 years) per day. Adults usually prescribed for 0, 2 g of 5 times per day, with the daily dose should not exceed 1, the duration of treatment - 5 days. Immunocompromised patients recommended for maintaining multiplicity techniques take a double Gerpevir single dose of tablets (0, 4 g), and the treatment may be extended to 10 days.

Children with infections caused by varicella are treated as follows: a daily dose of 0, 8 g (up to 2 years), 1, 6 g (2-6 years old), 3, 2 g (over 6 years), allocated to 4 admission.

The course of treatment tablets Gerpevir - 5 days. The daily dose for adults corresponds 4g, distributed over 5 devices. Gerpevir pills should be done at least a week.

To prevent infections provoked herpes simplex prescribed 1 tablet Gerpevir (0, 2 g) every 6 hours over four times a day or two tablets (0 4g) after every 12 hours, two times a day. Patients with severely impaired immune system is assigned a double dose. The duration of treatment determined by the doctor.

Gerpevir ointment is applied only topically. During the application of the drug should use rubber gloves or fingertips to prevent the spread of infection. Treatment should begin at the first signs of the disease.

Gerpevir ointment can be applied to external mucous membranes and damaged skin, rubbing lightly for 1 minute. The drug should be applied 4-5 times a day for adults - a strip of ointment Gerpevir 1, 25 cm corresponds to 25 square meters. See the affected area; children 3 months to 12 years - 250 mg / m 2 . The duration of treatment Gerpevir ointment, even if symptoms are gone before - 10 days.

Slow intravenous injection gerpevir entered using an infusion pump. Before use, 1 bottle of the drug should be diluted in 10 ml of sodium chloride solution or water for injections. Preparation of the infusion solution involves breeding gerpevir 2 ampoules in 100 ml of solvent (laktantny Ringer's solution or isotonic sodium chloride solution). Dose prescribed by the doctor in accordance with the age of the patient and the nature of the disease.

side effects

Gerpevir reviews of patients characterized as well-tolerated drug, but clinical studies have warned about the possible manifestation of such adverse effects as:

  • vomiting, nausea, lack of appetite, intestinal colic, diarrhea;
  • fever, swelling, itching, skin rash;
  • dizziness, fatigue, headache;
  • deterioration in the blood, increased creatinine, urea, bilirubin.


Instruction gerpevir does not recommend use of the drug:

  • if dehydration;
  • with severe renal impairment;
  • lactating women;
  • elderly persons;
  • patients with individual intolerance.

Pregnant women Gerpevir appointed doctor under strict indications.

Additional Information

According to the instructions, Gerpevir should be stored in a dry place where the temperature corresponds to 8-15 0 FROM.

Shelf life gerpevir - 3 years.