Pharmacological action

 Gepatrombin gel
 Gepatrombin a combined preparation for external use, having antithrombotic, regenerating, anticoagulant (inhibits blood clotting), decongestants and anti-inflammatory properties.

The structure includes Gepatrombin heparin sodium deksapantenol and allantoin.

Heparin is an anticoagulant of direct action, due to its inhibitory effect directly on the coagulation factors. This substance is extracted from the lungs of cattle. Heparin inhibits reactions that cause blood coagulation and formation of blood clots, improves blood circulation, helps wash out stagnant tissue fluid and harmful products formed as a result of metabolism.

The other two components gepatrombin enhance the effect of heparin, improve its penetration, as well as protect the skin.

Gepatrombin F is protivogemorroidalnoe means.

The structure of this drug include heparin, prednisolone acetate and polidocanol.

Heparin causes antithrombotic, anti-inflammatory and protivoekssudativnoe (outputs the resulting inflammation at the site of the fluid) the effect Gepatrombin G.

Heparin prevents hemorrhoids in blood coagulation, is involved in connective tissue regeneration. Prednisolone contained in Gepatrombin F, enhances the effect of heparin, and also reduces inflammation, pain sensation, burning and itching in the anorectal area. Thanks polidoknolu Gepatrombin D helps hemorrhoids sclerosis (gluing the wall unit with its subsequent desiccation) and has a local anesthetic action.


Use of the drug Gepatrombin manual recommends that you:

  • thrombosis (blood clots in the lumen of blood vessels);
  • thrombophlebitis (venous thrombosis with the formation of a blood clot that closes a vein);
  • varicose veins;
  • trophic ulcers of the lower leg;
  • tenosynovitis (inflammation of the tendon sheaths of connective tissue);
  • inflammatory infiltrates (accumulation of cellular elements with a mixture of lymph and blood in the tissues of the body);
  • limfagnite (inflammation of the lymph nodes);
  • mastitis (inflammation of the mammary gland);
  • furuncle (acute inflammation of the hair follicle and its surrounding tissues)
  • carbuncle (purulent-necrotic inflammation around a group of hair follicles).

As evidenced by clinical studies and reviews, Gepatrombin effective and sports injuries.

Gepatrombin F is indicated for external and internal hemorrhoids; eczema, fistulas (channels allocated liquid) and itching in the anus; thrombophlebitis of veins of the anus; cracks in the anus.

Instructions for use Gepatrombin

Gepatrombin produced in the form of gel or ointments, which are intended for outdoor use.

Gepatrombin ointment applied as a column (about 5 cm) from 1 to 3 times a day directly to the affected areas. In diseases of the veins Gepatrombin ointment applied by a bandage. Treatment of venous ulcers involves applying ointment in the form of a ring with a diameter of about 4 centimeters. In the treatment of lower limb venous medication should be rubbed in the direction of bottom-up lightly, with the instruction to Gepatrombin recommends a single dose applied in individual portions. In the treatment of boils and carbuncles, according to reviews of Gepatrombin greater effect is the use of gauze compresses with ointment than the usual application of the drug.

Unlike ointments Gepatrombin shaped gel should be applied only to undamaged skin.

The gel is recommended several times a day, rubbing the bottom-up massage. The drug in the form of a gel, as well as an ointment Gepatrombin, thrombosis and thrombophlebitis must be applied without rubbing and massaging.

 Gepatrombin F
 Gepatrombin F may be applied in the form of ointments or rectal suppository. The ointment should be applied with a thin layer 2-4 times a day to the affected areas. After the pain disappear, the drug is used 1 time per day during the week. Candles Gepatrombin F introduced into the anal canal after defecation 1-2 times a day. To introduce you must use the applied ointment tip that facilitates the use of the drug.

Ointment and candles Gepatrombin T is not recommended for longer than two weeks, as prolonged use of the drug can trigger the development of systemic adverse reactions.

side effects

Reviews Gepatrombin confirm its good tolerability, but in some cases, possible allergic reaction (hives, skin rash, angioedema) to use the drug.

Gepatrombin F can also be the cause of skin redness or allergic reactions.


Before applying ointment or gel Gepatrombin instruction must be carefully studied, since in many cases the drug is contraindicated in:

  • Hypersensitivity to the active ingredients of the drug;
  • violation of the integrity of the skin (using gel);
  • infected skin lesions;
  • thrombocytopenia (low platelet count in the blood);
  • increased bleeding (hemorrhagic diathesis);
  • hemophilia (a hereditary disease characterized by bleeding disorders).

Application Gepatrombin pregnant and lactating women is only possible under strict indications, after consulting a doctor.

Ointment and candles Gepatrombin F can not be used:

  • hypersensitivity;
  • viral, bacterial or fungal infections of the skin;
  • tuberculosis;
  • syphilis;
  • skin tumors;
  • predisposition to bleeding;
  • reactions to the introduction of vaccines;
  • pregnancy (I term).

Additional Information

According to the instructions, and Gepatrombin Gepatrombin F should be stored at a temperature corresponding to 15-25 0 C. Shelf life - 3 years.