Gepatrin - a drug that reduces the toxicity of the liver
 Gepatrin - a biologically active food additive, has a protective effect on the liver.


Gepatrin not a drug, but many reviews about Gepatrine, it is considered a reliable means to protect the liver from harmful influences. Gepatrin cleans and reduces hepatic toxicity, and protects the cells of the liver restores all organ functions in general.

Application Gepatrina according to reviews of doctors, has choleretic effect in the liver and delivers essential phospholipids.

Application Gepatrina medical treatment purposes directly is not, since it belongs to the group of dietary supplements. Gepatrin released from pharmacies without a prescription.

In the production Gepatrina uses only natural, natural ingredients. The instructions to Gepatrinu provides information on the composition of the tool:

  • Milk thistle extract;
  • Artichoke extract;
  • Esential lipids (lecithin).

Reviews Gepatrine demonstrate its hepatoprotective properties, which it has through the action of an extract of milk thistle. Artichoke has choleretic properties, and lecithin as a source of essential phospholipids, composed Gepatrina provide it regenerates.

In addition, a source Gepatrin silymarin body needs essential vitamins (B1, B2, B6, E).

According to the reviews of its application Gepatrine provide triple protection of the liver:

1. Clean the liver from toxins;

2. Protection of liver cells from destruction;

3. Restoration of damaged liver cells.

Product form

Gepatrin available in capsules to 0, '25 capsules packed in bottles of 30 tablets.

Indications Gepatrina

 Gepatrin capsules
 Application Gepatrina, reviews about this tool, doctors recommended as a dietary food supplements. Gepatrina recommended to use for the prevention of liver disease and its treatment.

Reviews Gepatrine patients receiving treatment with this drug, evidence of its positive effect on the liver. Here are some of the factors affecting the health of the liver:

  • Animal fats;
  • Smoked;
  • Alcohol intoxication;
  • Smoking;
  • Drug intoxication;
  • Parasites;
  • The unfavorable ecological situation;
  • Hazardous working conditions (in the workplace);
  • Viruses and infection.

Thus, under the influence of the above factors on the liver, the use Gepatrina appropriate.

Instructions for use Gepatrina

According to the instructions Gepatrinu allowed to take this supplement for adults and children after 12 years. Take Gepatrin 2 times a day for the first capsule. The drug is taken with food, it can be washed down with a little water. Application Gepatrina according to the instructions allowed a maximum of 90 days. Then make a break of 1, 5 - 2 months, then the course can be repeated.

Sometimes, if necessary, your doctor may be appointed Gepatrina use for a longer period.

Contraindications Gepatrina

Follow the instructions to Gepatrinu, use of this drug is contraindicated in case of individual intolerance (including hypersensitivity) to the drug.

The instructions to Gepetrinu stated that the data on the effect of the drug on the body during pregnancy and lactation is not. However, reviews of Gepatrine scientists and practicing obstetricians contain information that during pregnancy and lactation is better to abandon the use of Gepatrina.