Gepatosan capsules
 Gepatosan - a drug for the treatment of liver diseases.

Pharmacological action Gepatosana

The drug belongs to the pharmacological group called hepatoprotective agent. According to the instructions Gepatosanu, the drug has the following properties:

  • Replaces and restores the affected liver function;
  • It has detoxifying properties (cleansing, removal of toxins and poisons);
  • Accelerates repair processes in cells (their ability to heal itself);
  • Increases metabolism in liver cells;
  • Fixes altered homeostasis (normal state of the internal environment of the body).

With all these properties of the drug, health and general well-being of the patient is greatly improved. This is evidenced by the numerous reviews of Gepatosane from patients and doctors.

The composition according to the instructions Gepatosana, includes the following components:

  • Amino acids;
  • Vitamins;
  • Trace elements;
  • Mesenchymal enzymes;
  • Essential phospholipids;
  • Cytochromes.

On the mechanism of effects on the body, according to reviews of Gepatosane physicians and scientists, the effect of the drug passes two stages:

  • Intestinal;
  • Metabolic (directly hepatoprotective function).

In the first stage, an effect of sorption (absorption, absorption) of toxins from the intestine. Thus, there deintoksikatsiya organism.

After that, there is a metabolic function of the drug, because when Gepatosana biological components, there is a restoration of normal liver function. This property Gepatosana reviews according to scientists, a high degree of compatibility of biological components of the drug to the cells of the human body.

Product form

The preparation according to the instructions Gepatosan capsule is yellow. The capsule is filled with powder beige and brown shades. The contents of the capsule - a liver cells derived from the donor animal (pig) and freeze-dried (the most modern technology of drying). The capsule shell is composed of gelatin, titanium dioxide pigment E171, tropeolin Oh napagina, napazola.

Gepatosan according to the instructions available in capsules at 0, 2 g of active ingredient each. The capsules are packaged in plastic containers. According to the instructions Gepatosanu containers can contain 10, 20, 30 capsules. The containers are placed in cartons. Each carton 1 comprises a plastic container.


 Hepatoprotective drug Gepatosan
 Apply Gepatosan the treatment of liver diseases (acute and chronic).

Application Gepatosana for instructions recommended for the following diseases:

  • Cirrhosis of the liver of different etiology;
  • Acute and chronic liver failure;
  • Hepatitis, hepatosis;
  • Drugs and alcoholic liver disease;
  • Intoxication (poisoning) of different origin;
  • Violation of the digestive process (in combination with adjuvant therapy).

Instruction Gepatosanu

According to the instructions Gepatosanu, medication dosage and method of treatment depends on the diagnosis. The appointment of the drug is produced exclusively by your doctor. As we know from reviews Gepatosane, such self-medication can bring not only benefit, how much harm. Therefore, the treatment with this drug, you must strictly adhere to a doctor's appointment and instructions Gepatosanu.

Below are the main methods of treatment, depending on the established diagnosis:

1. Acute liver failure:

Ingest 2 capsules (number of active substances - not more than 0 4 g). Taking the drug before meals, about 15 - 30 minutes. before a meal. The day should be 3 doses. To wash down the medication, according to the instructions Gepatosanu need a small amount of water (no gas, no sugar). The course of treatment, wherein the disease is 10 days.

2. Chronic liver failure:

Ingest 2 capsules (number of active substances - not more than 0 4 g). During the day the patient must take four capsules, i.e., in two steps. The treatment according to the instructions Gepatosanu lasts 20 days. If necessary, your doctor may recommend a repeat course of treatment.

3. Cirrhosis decompensated (disruption of the normal functioning of the body):

Ingest 2 capsules (number of active substances - not more than 0 4 g). Number of rounds per day should be not more than 3 times. Treatment takes place over 10 days. On the 11th day of taking the first capsule (0, 2 g of the active ingredient) in the morning and evening. This scheme is used for further 14 days.

4. To remove or reduce the toxicity of the liver:

Take the drug in this case, 1 - 2 capsule. The amount of active substance entering the body per day, according to the instructions Gepatosanu in this case should be from 0, 2 to 0, 4, the medical reviews of Gepatosane, in this case, indicate the need for such a support body continuously, i.e., Treatment duration is different.

Adverse reactions from the use of Gepatosana

In some cases, about which we know from reviews Gepatosane, experience an allergic reaction to the medication. This is due to the high degree of sensitivity to the drug. Therefore, people with allergies should be observed particularly careful when using the drug. If you develop a minor allergic after taking the medicine, you should immediately notify your doctor.

Contraindications Gepatosana

Absolute and the only contraindication to the use of Gepetosana is a hypersensitivity to the drug. This feature is often intersects with allergies to medicines, and is present in people with allergies. For this reason, use of the drug should produce a competent doctor, hepatologist. According to doctors, contained in a review of Gepatosane, prescribed the drug is only possible after a careful collection of data on the patient's condition, including the conduct allergy tests.