Gepabene - a hepatoprotective herbal drug.

Pharmacological action

Gepabene - cholagogue, active compounds which act Fumaria officinalis extract, milk thistle.

Gepabene lowers the tone of the biliary tract, the sphincter of Oddi, relieves spasms of the bile ducts, gallbladder, resulting in a rate of the number and composition of bile, improves its flow into the intestine, restores hepatocytes.

Application Gepabene promotes release radicals and restoration of liver cells, it stimulates the production of proteins in the liver of chronic and acute liver diseases.

Product form

Gepabene release capsules.

Indications Gepabene

Gepabene of instruction prescribed for chronic kidney disease, biliary dyskinesia, hepatitis toxic nature postholetsistektomicheskom syndrome.

Instructions for use Gepabene

 Gepabene capsules
 Assign Gepabene for 1st capsule three p / day. If the pain is manifested in the active hours of the night, before going to sleep can take an additional one capsule.

Capsules Gepabene not chew, wash down with water.

Acceptable daily intake - 6 pieces in three or four stages. Treatment usually lasts for three months.

For elderly patients do not require revision of the standard dose of the drug.

side effects

There are reviews of Gepabene, saying that it can cause increased urination, laxative effect, rash, difficulty breathing, itching. Also, from the cardiovascular system may experience hot flashes.

In case of overdose may appear Gepabene abdominal pain, diarrhea. If this happens, there should be symptomatic treatment and stop the drug.

Contraindications Gepabene

According to the instructions Gepabene not prescribed for the patient's hypersensitivity to its components, in diseases of the bile ducts of the liver in the acute stage. Do not use this Gepabene children up to 18L.

No negative reviews Gepabene, its use during lactation, pregnancy, but despite this there is a strict recommendation to use the drug only under the supervision and prescription.

No information about the consequences of Gepabene interaction with other drugs.

It is known that Gepabene not affect the responsiveness of the human and the ability to manage traffic, complex mechanisms.