Geksasprey - anti-inflammatory agent.  Geksasprey

Pharmacological action

Geksasprey - topical product that exhibits activity against Corynebacterium, Streptococcus, Staphylococcus, has analgesic effect and reduce inflammation.

There are positive reviews of Geksaspree indicating the duration of the funds.

Additional formulation auxiliaries - benzyl alcohol, anise oil, glycerol, soy lecithin, 95% ethanol.

Product form

Pastilles and aerosol.

Analogs Geksaspreya - Geksadreps and Biklotimol, drugs with the same active ingredient.

Indications Geksaspreya

Geksasprey used for topical treatment of infections of the mouth, larynx, pharynx inflammatory: tonsillitis, glossitis, chronic and acute pharyngitis, laryngitis.

In addition, the drug is prescribed after tonsillectomy to prevent infection, gingivitis, caused by wearing dentures, periodontitis.

Instructions Geksaspreya: how to use

Pastilles Geksasprey take sublingual (placed under the tongue): Adults - 80-120mg / day (4 or 6 pieces), children after 6L - 20-60mg / day.

Aerosol spray three p / night for two doses. Before applying the tools you need to shake the bottle during spraying it is held vertically.

The instructions Geksaspreya indicated that the treatment lasts for 10 days. If the symptoms have not been, you should consult with your doctor about the possibility of continuing treatment with or destination other means.

There are reviews of Geksaspree showing its low efficiency in conjunction with other topical medications.

Geksasprey allowed to take during pregnancy. Self-medication is not recommended to engage in, the appointment has to do doctor, but from reviews of the preparation implies that Geksasprey during pregnancy, lactation often prescribed in cases when gargling by means of natural-based failed.  Aerosol Geksasprey

side effects

The only significant side effect Geksaspreya and analogues of the drug allergic reactions are due to the intolerance of the active ingredient.

Contraindications Geksaspreya

Do not prescribe the drug in case of hypersensitivity Geksasprey, children up to 6 liters.

Diabetic patients should be warned that the lozenge aerosol contains sucrose.

Allowed to combine medication with antibiotics.