Geir tablets
 Geir - synthetic drug used in the treatment of trichomoniasis.

Pharmacological action

Ghayr having antiprotozoal activity against Trichomonas vaginalis, Entamoeba histolytica and Giardia lamblia, as drug is active against some anaerobic bacteria including Bacteroides spp., Fusobacterium Clostridium spp. and anaerobic cocci. Aerobic organisms to the active ingredient of the drug is not sensitive.

Product form

Ghayr produced in the form of elongated green tablets, film-coated, 3 tablets in blister, each containing 500 mg of ornidazole.

Also produced analogues ghayr containing the same active ingredient. These include Dazolik, Kvinizol, Ornisid, Lornizol, Orniona, Ornisid fort Tiberal, Ornidazole Ornidazole and Vero. In addition to these unique ghayr, Orniona release formulation in the form of vaginal tablets and solution for infusion and Kvinizol Ornidazole.

Indications ghayr

According to the instructions ghayr used to treat:

  • Trichomoniasis;
  • Amebiasis, including amebic dysentery, amebic liver abscess, extra-intestinal amebiasis;
  • Giardiasis.

Besides ghayr used to prevent infections caused by anaerobic bacteria in operations carried out on the colon and in gynecology.


Geir you how to use contraindicated in case of hypersensitivity to the ornidazole in the first trimester of pregnancy, disorders of the central nervous system and breast-feeding.

Dosing ghayr

 Geir - a drug used to treat trichomoniasis
 The scheme of treatment depends on the disease ghayr.

In the acute form trichomoniasis designate single 1, 5 g of the preparation, the dosage for children is calculated based on 25 mg per 1 kg of body weight. In chronic course of the disease take one tablet ghayr 500 mg morning and evening for five days.

In the treatment of nonspecific vaginitis during the week, two times a day, take one tablet ghayr. Children nominate 25 mg per 1 kg of weight per day course of 5-10 days.

Adults and children weighing more than 35 kg with amoebic dysentery is usually prescribed for three days on 3 tablets ghayr, children with a low birth weight - 1 time per day to 40 mg per 1 kg of body weight. The same dosage for 1-2 days and is used to treat giardiasis.

For the treatment of other forms of amebiasis drug is usually administered twice daily course of 5-10 days. The dose depends on the age:

  • Adults and children over 12 years old - one tablet Geir;
  • Children 7-12 years - 375 mg;
  • 1-6 years - 250 mg;
  • Children under 1 year - 125 mg.

In order to prevent infections that cause anaerobic bacteria before surgery once take 0, 5-1 g, and after the operation - for 3-5 days one tablet ghayr.

Overdose ghayr Review may lead to epileptiform convulsions, peripheral neuritis, and depression.

Side effects ghayr

During treatment ghayr Review can cause severe side effects, which are manifested as:

  • Violation of consciousness;
  • Headache or dizziness;
  • Incoordination of movements;
  • Mixed peripheral neuropathy;
  • Tremor;
  • Muscle rigidity and convulsions;
  • Nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea.

Storage conditions

Geir available on medical prescription recommended shelf life of the tablets - 3 years.