Garcinia Capsules
 Garcinia - a food additive for regulating metabolism.

Pharmacological action Garcinia

The preparation includes an extract of Garcinia and vitamin C.

Garcinia - is a plant from the family of sealers, native to South Asia. For medical interest is found in the fruit of the tree hydroxycitric acid, the chemical composition resembles citric acid and capable, as it turned out during the study to restrict the production of fatty acids in the body, strengthen their intracellular transport, to maintain an optimal level of glucose in which the sensation of hunger. Given these properties of the plant, Garcinia is used for weight loss.

Vitamin C is incorporated into the composition, improves the immunity status of vessels, is an antioxidant and the additional control of metabolism.

It is believed that Garcinia prevents the accumulation of fat, it helps to remove existing fat deposits, improves the skin and muscles, allows to keep the weight at a certain level.

There are systems, where in addition to Garcinia extract and vitamin C contains other beneficial trace elements: chromium, which regulates blood sugar, vitamin B, affecting the metabolism, kelp, active substances that have a beneficial effect on the thyroid gland, cardiovascular system, intestines.

Product form

Garcinia extract with additives produced in the form of capsules.

Indications Garcinia

As food supplements used for weight loss Garcinia, in case of problems with overweight, while a variety of diets.

Garcinia Guide: how to use

Taking food supplements can be 2 capsules two p / day, or one capsule three p / day for 20 days. Drinking fluids during this period is recommended to increase. Take the capsules usually before meals.

People who tend to be overweight, may be repeated periodically during the course of the year.

Judging by the reviews of Garcinia, if diagnosed obesity, to reduce the size of the stomach, to achieve the desired weight and consolidate the results, it is desirable to take Garcinia for 1, 5-3 months.  Garcinia Extract

Side effects Garcinia extract

In research it has been found that the plant Garcinia has moderate toxicity and therefore can cause poisoning.

In addition, there are reviews of Garcinia, which caused zinc deficiency, caused testicular atrophy.

Because the drug has not been studied thoroughly, there is not enough data on the side effects, the interaction of the food additive with other medicines to take before it should consult with the attending physician or nutritionist, to clarify the optimal dosage.


When diagnosed hypersensitivity to the components of dietary supplements "Garcinia" can not take the drug.

Also instructions Garcinia stated that it is contraindicated during lactation during pregnancy.