Garamitsin - an antibacterial agent.

Pharmacological action

 Garamitsin ointment
 The active substance Garamitsina - gentamicin sulfate, a substance overwhelming Salmonella, Shigella, E. coli, Enterobacter, Klebsiella, serratsii, Proteus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Staphylococcus, some strains of streptococci.

Product form

Producing a solution, a cream, ointment Garamitsin.

Indications Garamitsina

The antibiotic is effective in sepsis in newborns, septicemia, infectious diseases of the genitourinary system, kidney, abdominal, gastrointestinal tract, respiratory system, eyes, nervous system (including meningitis), bones, tissue, skin, bacteremia, gonorrhea.

Apply Garamitsin to prepare the patient for surgery - to prevent infection.

Garamitsin Ointment is indicated for the treatment of the skin when it is bacterial lesions.

Instrutsiya Garamitsina: how to use

Garamitsina solution is administered intravenously and intramuscularly.

The daily dosage for adults with severe infections is 3 mg / kg, which is divided equally into three portions and administered every 8 hours. You can enter an antibiotic every 12 hours, in two stages.

If the danger of death on the background of infection is high, is administered at a dose of 5 mg Garamitsin / kg. Divide it also 3-4 hours. When will the improvement, reduce the dose to 3 mg / kg body weight. Antibacterial therapy lasts no more than 7-10 days.

With infections of the urinary ducts and normal kidney function the drug is administered for 7-10 days intramuscularly 160mg one p / day.

To treat gonorrhea Garamitsin appoint stabbing intramuscularly at a dose of 240-280mg one p / day.

Premature babies and children, who are under a week, injected 2, 5-3 mg / kg every 12 hours. Children who are more than a week, administered every 8 hours Garamitsin, 2, 5 mg / kg body weight of the baby. Babies year after the antibiotic can be administered in a dosage of 6-7 5 mg / kg per day - at 2-2, 5mg / kg every 8 h.

For the treatment of eye infections Garamitsina solution is introduced into the conjunctiva - 10-20mg every day.

For the treatment of infections of the respiratory inhalation antibiotic do Garamitsina. The adult recommended dosage of 20-40mg, children - 15-30mg. Procedures are carried out every 8-12ch. Usually inhaled antibiotic powder is diluted with saline - is brought to a volume of 2 ml.  Gentamicin Sulfate - the active substance Garamitsina

During therapy, be sure to monitor the condition of the kidneys, to check the level of the antibiotic in the blood.

Garamitsin ointment is applied to the damaged skin 3-4 p / day, can be applied on top of the bandage.

Side effects

Garamitsin can cause kidney damage, hearing loss, tingling and numbness of the skin, dizziness, convulsions, muscle twitching, loss of cranial nerves, paralysis, respiratory, neuromuscular blockade.

Contraindications Garamitsina

Do not use to treat when detected Garamitsin hypersensitivity to it.

During treatment, take into account that the antibiotic can not be combined with ethacrynic acid, nephrotoxic and neurotoxic drugs, muscle relaxants, furosemide.

On the other drugs in the same syringe Garamitsin can not be mixed.