Ganciclovir formula
 Ganciclovir - is an antiviral agent which is used for herpes and other acute viral infections occurring against a background of reduced immunity.

Active ingredient: ganciclovir sodium.

Pharmacological action

The drug has an antiviral effect on the causative agent of herpes and cytomegalovirus. It inhibits the DNA within the virus structure and leads to its death.

Product: the drug is available as a powder in vials of 546 mg of active substance, which corresponds to 500 mg ganciclovir.

The solution is prepared at the water for injection prior to use, the prepared solution in the cold stored no longer than a day.

Indications for use of ganciclovir

Ganciclovir is used for infections caused by cytomegalovirus, which are often complications retinitis (inflammation of the retina), pneumonia (pneumonia), colitis (inflammation of the colon), and others.

Assign Ganciclovir or immunodeficiency, such as AIDS, the postoperative period, the period of chemotherapy, severe pathology of children associated with intrauterine infection with cytomegalovirus. Also, the drug is effective in all types of herpetic lesions.

mode of application

 The instructions to ganciclovir indicated that the drug is used in the form of intravenous infusions. One dose is administered a dose of 5 mg per 1 kg infusion over 1 hour every 12 hours. A course of treatment is 3-4 weeks (for people with impaired kidney function increases the interval between administration of the drug or reduce the dose).
  Patients with compromised immune systems, and in remission retinitis drug administered 5 mg per 1 kg a day every day or 6 mg per 1 kg a day, 5 times a week.

side effects

In the opinion of ganciclovir for the treatment agent can develop the following side effects:

  • May change the blood picture (neutropenia and granulocytopenia)
  • May impair the cardiovascular and nervous systems, gastrointestinal tract,
  • Occasionally there is itching, partial or complete loss of hair on the head, etc..


Ganciclovir is contraindicated in pregnant women and lactating mothers, people with hypersensitivity to the drug.

Caution should be used means patients with impaired kidney function: means excreted in the urine and impaired renal excretory function, he cumulated (accumulating) in the body.


You can not assign Ganciclovir simultaneously with drugs that cause changes in blood counts (neutropenia).


To avoid soft tissue necrosis Ganciclovir should be administered into a vein only very slowly.

storage conditions

The preparation is stored in a cool place without access to sunlight.