Galium Hel

 Galium Hel
 Galium Hel - combined homeopathic medicine that stimulates the immune system.

Pharmacological action

Galium Hel has immunomodulatory, anti-inflammatory and detoxification effect. Influencing intercellular space and without causing side effects, Galium Hel can take a long time to all age groups, which is especially important in the elderly in the treatment of various chronic diseases and degenerative changes.

Product form

Galium Heel release in the form of colorless drops of oral dropper vial 30 and 100 ml. 100 ml of drops contain:

  • 4 ml - Galium album D3, Galium aparine D3;
  • 5 ml - Betula alba D2, Ononis spinosa D4, Sempervivum tectorum D4, Echinacea angustifolia D5, Phosphorus D8, Sedum acre D3, Clematis D4, Pyrogenium D6, Aurum metallicum D10, Caltha palustris D3, Acidum nitricum D6, Thuja D3, Juniperus communis D4, Apis mellifica D12, Hedera helix D4, Saponaria D4, Calcium fluoratum D8, Argentum D8;
  • 2 ml - Urtica urens D3.

Indications Galium Hel

According to the instructions Galium Hel used for the activation of non-specific immunity in the general detoxification of the intercellular substance when:

  • Serious infectious diseases;
  • Effects of hormonal, antibiotic, anti-tuberculosis and radiation therapy and chemotherapy;
  • Chronic indolent diseases of different localization - liver, brain, lung, pancreas, and kidneys;
  • Abuse enzymatic metabolism in internal diseases - asthma, colitis, hypertension, bronchiectasis, liver disease and neurological diseases - kauzalgii, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, trigeminal neuralgia, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

The drug is also prescribed for pain syndrome in all these diseases, to stimulate the immune system in the elderly and for the prevention and treatment of precancerous diseases, malignant and benign tumors.


Contraindications for use of Galium Hel no instructions.

Instructions Galium Hel: methods of use

Galium Hel is recommended to take a half hour before eating or one hour after meals up to three times a day. Single dose depends on age:

  • Children aged 2 - 5 drops Galium Hel;
  • Children 2-6 years - 8 drops;
  • Children from 6 years and adults - 10 drops of the drug.

Galium Hel can be taken undiluted or diluted in 5-15 ml of water. Also, a daily dose of reviews Galium Hel effectively diluted in 100-150 ml of water and drink in small sips throughout the day.  Galium Heel Drops

When precancerous conditions and cancer Galium Hel according to the instructions recommended in combination with other homeopathic remedies. In the opinion of Galium Hel effectively taken with homeopathic medication in the treatment of atheroma Limfomiozot, warts, polyps, mucous cysts, miogelozov, prostatic hypertrophy, exostosis, chalazion, arthritic deposits and obesity.

Side effects

According to reviews Galium Hel does not cause side effects.

Storage conditions

Galium Hel available without a prescription. The recommended shelf life drops - 5 years.