Furatsilin - antibacterial and antiprotozoal agent for external and local application.

Pharmacological action

Active ingredient  Tablets Furatsilin
 Furatsilina has antimicrobial action.

Unlike other chemotherapeutic agents Furatsilin has a different mechanism of action and forms a highly reactive amine derivatives, causing conformational changes protein macromolecules, causing cell death.

Furatsilin active against most Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria, for example:

  •   Streptococcus spp .;
  •   Salmonella spp .;
  •   Staphylococcus spp .;
  •   Shigella (flexneri spp .., dysenteria spp., Boydii spp., Sonnei spp.);
  •   Clostridium perfringens;
  •   Escherichia coli ..

Resistance to the active component furatsilina develops slowly and usually reaches a high degree. The tool also helps to increase the activity of the reticuloendothelial system, and enhance phagocytosis.

Form release furatsilina

Furatsilin drug release in the form:

  •   Alcohol-0, 067% solution for local and external use in vials of 10 ml and 25;
  •   Tablets for solution preparation for topical application of 20 and 100 mg;
  •   0 solution, 02% for local and external application, in bottles of 200 ml and 400;
  •   Pastes for external use of 1 and 2 kg;
  •   Ointments 0, 2% for local and external application of 25 g

Furatsilina analogues are the following drugs:

  •   According to the active substance - Lifuzol, Furaplast, Furatsilin-Lect;
  •   By way of action - Kombutek-2.

Indications furatsilina

According to the instructions Furatsilin administered topically for the treatment of:

  •   Bedsores;
  •   Purulent wounds;
  •   Minor skin damage, including scratches, abrasions, cuts and cracks;
  •   Frostbite II-III degree;
  •   Burns II-III degree.

Local Furatsilin according to the instructions is used for:

  •   Conjunctivitis;
  •   Gingivitis;
  •   Blepharitis;
  •   Empyema and paranasal sinuses;
  •   Osteomyelitis;
  •   Ostrom and external otitis media;
  •   Urinary tract infections;
  •   Stomatitis;
  •   Acute tonsillitis.


Application furatsilina contraindicated in the following cases:

  •   When bleeding;
  •   Against the backdrop of existing allergic;
  •   If hypersensitivity to the components furatsilina.

Dosing furatsilina

According to the testimony Furatsilin can be used in a variety of dosage forms.

In the treatment of blepharitis and conjunctivitis Furatsilin instructions for use:

  •   The aqueous solution - as instillation into the conjunctival sac;
  •   Ointment - for greasing the edges of the eyelids.

To rinse the mouth furatsilina  The solution is for external use Furatsilin
   and throat recommended solution obtained from one tablet dissolved in 100 ml of water.

Furatsilin an ointment used for the treatment of burns and frostbites degree I-II, and mucous membranes and wounds of the skin surface. Duration of protection - up to three days.

Application Furacilinum as an alcoholic solution (5-6 drops) was effective in the treatment of otitis. Before use, the solution should be warmed to body temperature. The tool is recommended to use daily until the disappearance of symptoms.

External irrigation of wounds and overlay wet dressings can be used as the alcohol and water solution furatsilina.

Washing furatsilina effective in empyema of the paranasal sinuses, including sinusitis, which are used ready-made from tablets or an aqueous solution.

In addition, effectively washing Furacilinum:

  •   Osteomyelitis after surgery (for the subsequent imposition wet dressing);
  •   For washing, bladder and urethra (aqueous solution with an exposure of 20 minutes);
  •   After removal of pus in empyema (using an aqueous solution in an amount of 20-100 ml for washing the pleural cavity).

Side effects furatsilina

When applying Furacilinum by indications in some cases may develop dermatitis and allergic reactions.

storage conditions

According to the testimony Furatsilin released from pharmacies without a doctor's appointment. The shelf life of the drug - up to two years (subject to the requirements for storage).