Fukortsin - combined preparation. Fukortsin has antiseptic properties with antifungal activity.

Pharmacological action

Activity Action  Packing Fukortsin
 drug substance Fukortsin have a wide range of antiseptic and antifungal effects in lesions of the skin and mucous membranes of the patient and infectious fungal diseases.

Product form

Fukortsin available as a solution for outdoor use by the patient. The structure 10 ml fukortsinom included: 0, 39 g of phenol, 0, 78 g of resorcinol, 0, 08 g of boric acid, and 0 04 g of basic fuchsin.

Indications fukortsinom

According to the instructions to fukortsinom it is used for the treatment and prevention of diseases of the skin and damage. For example, the testimony fukortsinom tell us that the drug is justified to use in case of a patient scratches, fungus, ulcers, fractures, superficial wounds, pyoderma, erosion.

Instructions fukortsinom: how to use

According to the instructions to fukortsinom it should be applied externally. The solution is applied to the affected skin with a cotton swab or sticks from 2 to 4 times a knock. After drying fukortsinom skin can be applied additional medicaments in the form of an ointment or paste.

Side effects fukortsinom

According to the reviews of fukortsinom drug may cause various allergic reactions, dermatitis, burning sensation and pain, blurred vision, as well as the effect of habituation, whereby Fukortsin ceases to provide a therapeutic effect on damaged skin.

Also, the use of  Fukortsin vial
 Fukortsinom not recommended over a large area of ​​the skin as possible overdose of phenol, which has the properties of the active evaporate from the skin after application easily gets into the bloodstream and can cause dizziness, weakness, respiratory distress, sudden changes in blood pressure.


Application fukortsinom impossible in case of hypersensitivity to fukortsinom components found in patients propensity for skin sensitization, allergic reactions to medication, chronic dermatoses.

Instructions fukortsinom prohibits the use of the drug in pregnant or lactating women.

You should also be careful when using fukortsinom on mucous membranes, as you may receive chemical burns and irritation. Not recommended and appointment fukortsinom patients under the age of 12 years. In applying fukortsinom simultaneously with other drugs for external use can form compounds with an unpredictable effect on the skin.