Ftorokort - drug group glucocorticoids.

Pharmacological action ftorokort

Thanks to the active  Packing ftorokort
 components within ftorokort composition, formulation reduces the manifestations of allergic reactions, inflammation and itching, while fulfilling antiexudativ function.

Ftorokort and analogues funds have vasoconstrictor effect, normalize vascular permeability due to the stabilization of lysosomal membranes, and affect the rate of epidermal cell division in the direction of its reduction.

The operation of the drug release mechanism of inhibition of interleukin-1, 2, gamma interferon from macrophages and lymphocytes. In addition, ftorokort has a dampening effect on the release of inflammatory mediators eozonofilami causes lipokortinov education and reduce the number of fat cells.

Product form

According to the instructions issued ftorokort as an ointment for external use. The main active substance - triamcinolone acetonide, the mass fraction of which is 0, 1%. Ointment ftorokort - homogeneous material light, almost white, with no particular smell. The tool is packaged in an aluminum tube weighing 15 grams, which is placed in a carton box.

Indications ftorokort

Medical reviews ftorokort require taking the drug as a drug for the following diseases:

  • psoriasis;
  • eczema;
  • neurodermatitis / atopic dermatitis;
  • when photodermatosis;
  • for dermatitis of various origin (including allergic);
  • for the treatment of hypertrophic and keloid scars;
  • in lichen planus;
  • when the red discoid lupus;
  • in case of irritation from insect bites.


Before the start of drug administration instructions for ftorokort recommends that you review the list of contraindications in order to avoid complications. From application ftorokort should refrain in the following cases:

  •   in the presence of skin diseases of different etiology (including viral, bacterial and fungal);
  •   in the case of diagnosed tuberculosis of the skin;
  •   in skin manifestations of syphilis;
  •   while precancerous skin diseases and other types of tumors;
  •   in the presence of hypersensitivity to the composition ftorokort;
  •   when perioral dermatitis.

Instructions for use ftorokort

The drug is a topical application of an external agent. According to numerous reviews of ftorokort recommended treatment regimen described below.

The ointment should be applied thinly to the affected areas of the skin at a rate not exceeding 3 times. Number ointments used in application must not be more than 15 grams per day. If necessary, the ointment can be applied under occlusive (sealed) bandage. The recommended amount of ointment in these situations is 10 g or less.

The treatment ftorokort is from 5 to 10 days. In rare cases, it may be extended to 25 days. However, do not use the drug for longer than 4 weeks.

Side effects ftorokort

Use of the drug is able to lead to unwanted side effects. Follow the instructions to ftorokort, in such situations, you need to contact your doctor detailing troubling symptom.

Additional local adverse reactions may include:

  •   the development of erythema;
  •   hypertrichosis;
  •   the appearance of secondary infections as infectious fungal and / or bacterial infections.

Long-term use  Ointment ftorokort
 drug or applying to large areas of skin is able entail unwanted effects in the form of atrophic skin changes and some other characteristic of the drug GCS group.

Furthermore, ftorokort capable of inducing allergic reactions.


The drug is not recommended for pregnant women and women during lactation.

Ftorokort should not be applied to the vast surface of the body, the skin, and it should avoid prolonged use in children of any age.

Not recommended for use in ophthalmology means.

Allowed to use in conjunction with antimicrobial drugs as a prophylactic agent for local infections.

Analogs ftorokort

Among the drugs that are similar in structure and mode of action to ftorokort, the best known are the following:

  •   Berlikort;
  •   Kenakort;
  •   Azmakort;
  •   Kenalog;
  •   Polkortolon;
  •   Triakort;
  •   Triamcinolone.

Storage conditions

Ftorokort should be stored in a dark place where the temperature does not exceed 15 ° C. Shelf life in this case is 2 years.