Ftorlak - a drug for the prevention of dental caries.

Structure and Composition ftorlakom

Produce solution  Packing Ftorlak
 topical, representing a viscous dark brown liquid with a smell of pine needles. The solution contains sodium chloride, ethyl alcohol, fluorine, shellac, balsam fir and chloroform.

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Pharmacological action

According to the instructions Ftorlak is prophylactic against dental caries. The solution was maintained on the tooth surface as a film, whereby saturation occurs long tooth enamel fluoride.

In the opinion of Ftorlak also has antimicrobial activity and reduces or even completely eliminates, pain sensitivity of dental hard tissues.

Indications ftorlakom

According to the instructions Ftorlak apply in the following cases:

  • prevention of dental caries in children six years of age and adolescents, mainly living in areas with low fluoride content in the drinking water.
  • tooth sensitivity;
  • traumatic damage to tooth enamel;
  • increased abrasion of tooth enamel;

Covering ftorlakom used for antimicrobial and analgesic effects, as well as after treatment of teeth under artificial crowns.

Dosing and dosing regimen ftorlakom

Before coating ftorlakom tooth surface should be wiped with a cotton swab, and then put the drug with a brush on tooth enamel. The procedure begins with the lower jaw, as it helps to prevent the accumulation of saliva.

Prior to complete drying varnish patient must sit with open mouth (about five minutes). Important: Make sure that the nail does not hit on the gum, as this may cause burns. After applying the drug is not recommended during the day to brush your teeth, and food must be consumed only liquid food.

Doctors recommend 3 hkratnoe cover ftorlakom at intervals of two days, and six months later you can repeat the procedure.

The color of teeth  Ftorlak Patients
 after application of the preparation does not change. During the procedure, the surface layer of the enamel of primary teeth stronger. The peculiarity of the application ftorlakom reviews are complete isolation from the saliva of the teeth at the moment of application. That is why not all children it is possible to carry out the procedure efficiently. Isolation from the saliva should be made using cotton swabs, which should be laid around the teeth, removing thus tongue and cheeks.


The drug is contraindicated in epidemic fluorosis and increased sensitivity to one or more of its components.

side effects

In the opinion of Ftorlak well tolerated by patients. Sometimes allergic reactions.