Ftalazol - a drug having antimicrobial activity and belonging to the group of sulfonamides  Tablets Ftalazol

Pharmacological action ftalazol

Ftalazol absorbed from the lumen of the gastrointestinal tract is very slow. Most of it is delayed by ingestion in the intestine, where there is a gradual cleavage of sulfonamides (active) drug moieties. As a result, in the intestine to create a sufficiently high concentration of a sulfonamide having high activity for the intestinal flora. Therefore Ftalazol has a high efficacy in the treatment of various intestinal infections.

Indications ftalazol

This drug is used to treat:

  • Dysentery;
  • Colitis;
  • Gastroenteritis.

According to the instructions Ftalazol can also be used in preparation of patients for various surgical operations on the intestine.

Dosing ftalazol

For the treatment of acute dysentery adult patients first day administered in one gram of the drug every four hours (total daily dose - 6 g). At 3-4 days the dose is reduced to four gram (1g every 6 hours). Then Ftalazol give Gram every 8 hours (3 g per day). Total dose for a course of treatment is 25-30 grams.

A week after the first treatment of acute dysentery, a refresher course. In the 1-2 day give five grams ftalazol (day 1 g every 4 hours during the night and every 8 hours) .On day 3-4 provide four grams of drug per day, and on days 5-6 - three grams. Thus, repeated treatment necessary to use 21 g of a medicament. In the opinion of Ftalazol promotes complete recovery from dysentery and prevents transfer of the disease to a chronic form.

According to the instructions Ftalazol should not take more than 2 g per reception and more than 7 grams per day.

Application ftalazol possible to treat children. Children under the age of three drug given in a daily dose of 0, 2 g per kilogram body weight. This dose is divided into three doses every eight hours. The treatment for seven days. For children over three years of drug is prescribed depending on the age of a daily dose of 0, 4-0, 75 g per kilogram of body weight on the reception of four times a day.

The indication for a ftalazol and treatment of other intestinal infections. In this case, first Ftalazol adults take 1-2 days one-two grams every 4-6 hours. Then, the dosage is reduced vpolovinu.Detyam the dosage appointed on the basis of age and body weight.


According to the instructions Ftalazol  Packing Ftalazol
   can not be used to treat patients with hypersensitivity to any sulfanilamides.

Side effects ftalazol

In the opinion of Ftalazol can lead to allergic reactions (fever, itching, rash, etc.). Ftalazol detrimental effect on the intestinal flora, which can lead to the development of a patient during treatment with this drug of B vitamin deficiency (hypovitaminosis). The instructions to ftalazol noted that the drug in very rare cases may lead to the development of aplastic anemia and agranulocytosis.

Product form

Ftalazol produced in powder form and the tablets to 0 5 In the same package - 10 tablets. Ftalazol also available under different names (synonyms): Talistatil, Talazon, Talazol, Talisulfazol, Talidin, Taleudron, ftalilsulfatiazol.

Storage conditions

Ftalazol refers to the list B. It should be stored in a dry and dark place, away from children.