Formidron - antiseptic is produced on the basis of formaldehyde, which is its main active component.

Pharmacological action Formidron

The drug has  Packing Formidron
 deodorant and antiseptic effect. Formaldehyde, which is part of Formidron has the ability to coagulate (collapse, destroying the structure) of the protein molecules. Due to this drug is having a devastating effect on the bacteria living on the skin. These bacteria decompose the secret sweat glands, and as a result, and an unpleasant smell of sweat. Besides Formidron has tanning effect, it helps close the ducts of sweat glands and atrophy.

Application Formidron

The drug is intended for external use only. A small amount of liquid is applied once daily to skin with excessive sweating. In severe sweating Formidron can be used twice a day.

Formidron should be applied to clean, dry skin feet for half an hour, after which the remains of the drug washed under running water. In a more sensitive and delicate skin (hands women armpits) drug solution is applied for no more than twenty minutes, after which the skin is washed with warm running water, dried and powdered with talc. After shaving armpits use Formidron can be no earlier than 24 hours.

The instructions to Formidron noted that this drug is quite toxic and therefore its use is necessary to consult a dermatologist to avoid the development of negative consequences.

In the opinion of Formidron it is effective enough. One procedure is usually sufficient to reduce perspiration of the skin on one or two weeks. With a very strong sweating Formidron application can be carried out two or three days in a row.

Side effects Formidron

In the opinion of Formidron often leads to irritation of the skin in the area of ​​its application and local allergic reactions (redness, itching, burning, rash).


According to the instructions Formidron can not be used in inflammatory diseases of the skin. The drug also can not be applied to the skin.

Application Formidron  Formidron Patients
 undesirable during pregnancy and lactation. This is due to the high toxicity of the drug.

The drug is also contraindicated for use in pediatric patients.

Overdose Formidron

So far, cases of overdose Formidron if properly applied were not registered.

Structure and Composition

Formidron contains in its composition of 10 parts of formaldehyde, 39, 5 parts Ethyl alcohol 95%, 50 parts of water and 0 5 parts cologne. Available in bottles of dark glass with a capacity of 50, 0 and 100, 0 mL.

storage conditions

Formidron stored in a dry place away from children. Shelf life - 3 years.