Flutamide - is an antitumor medicament having antiandrogenic activity.

Pharmacological action

Flutamide interferes  Packing flutamide
 Binding of male sex hormones (androgens), including dihydrotestosterone, to the cell receptors. As a result, in the androgen-sensitive tumor, such as tumor tissue in the prostate gland, there is an obstacle for the manifestation of the biological effect of androgens. In the opinion of Flutamidne has antigestagens, progestogen, anti-estrogen and estrogenic activity.

The drug is rapidly and well absorbed from the digestive system. Its maximum concentration in the blood was two hours after ingestion. The half-life of five hours. Displayed as metabolites in the kidneys.


According to the instructions flutamide is used for the palliative treatment of prostate cancer with the presence of distant metastases in patients who have not previously received any treatment of this disease.

In the opinion of flutamide it can be used to treat patients who have failed to achieve a positive effect in the hormone replacement therapy, as well as for those who have developed resistance to it (resistance).

The preparation may be used in combination with other antineoplastic agents or for monotherapy.

Guide to flutamide

This drug is prescribed 1 tablet (250 mg) three times a day. The course of treatment should be dlitelnym.V during therapy should be regularly examine the function of the liver.

With extreme caution should be used flutamide for patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases.

According to the instructions flutamide can be used for differential diagnosis of hypogonadism in men. In this case, the drug is given at the rate of 10 mg per kg patient body weight per day. It is administered three times a day for three days. Next, the study of serum concentrations of gonadotropins.

Side effects of flutamide

Flutamide is usually well tolerated. When long-term therapy in men can develop gynecomastia, tenderness in the breasts, fluid retention in the body tissues. In the opinion of flutamide very rarely causes complications such as thrombosis, insomnia, lupus-like syndrome, disorders of the liver and gastrointestinal tract, headache.

The instructions to flutamide notes: during treatment with them in the patient may experience a slight increase in blood methemoglobin (a form of hemoglobin that can not carry oxygen). This state is transient and does not require any treatment or withdrawal of flutamide.

Contraindications to flutamide

The use of this drug is contraindicated for the treatment of patients suffering from serious diseases of the thyroid gland, kidneys and liver.


Treatment with flutamide should be under regular monitoring of liver enzymes. Blood tests should be performed at least once a month. If the patient has elevated liver enzymes in two or more times, and / or jaundice (with the proviso that no metastases in the liver), then the drug immediately canceled.

Patients should seek immediate medical attention at the first sign of impaired liver function - yellowness of mucous membranes and skin, itchy skin, dark urine, aversion to food, nausea, vomiting, flu-like symptoms, pain in the right upper quadrant.

Interaction of flutamide with other drugs

Flutamide increases  Flutamide Tablets
 anticoagulant effect of indirect anticoagulants (Flutamin, Warfarin). Therefore, with a joint appointment of these drugs the dose should be adjusted individually, under the control of coagulation.


With an overdose of flutamide should be washed stomach. No specific antidote, therefore symptomatic therapy aimed at maintaining vital functions.

Form release flutamide

Flutamide is produced in the form of tablets containing 250 mg of active substance. The drug is available under different names: Norex, Gibitron, Fulforel, Fugirel, Euleksin, Eufleks, androgens, Tsebatrol, Flyutsinom, Flutsinom.

storage conditions

Flutamide belongs to the list B. It was stored at room temperature out of reach of children. Shelf life - three years. After the expiration date of the drug can not be used. It sold only in pharmacies by prescription.