Fluifort - mucolytic agent. The product contains the active ingredient - karbotsistein. Effect of the drug due to increased activity Fluifort sialic transferase - an enzyme goblet (mucus forming) cells of bronchial epithelium. As a result, there is a normalization of the proportion of neutral and acidic mucin in bronchial secretions, restoring elasticity and viscosity of mucus as a result - improvement of sputum discharge.  Fluifort in granules

In applying the drug according to instructions Fluifort improves regeneration of the mucous membrane, normalizes its structure, functioning mucociliary activated. In addition, the secretion of immunoglobulin A is restored, normal content of sulfhydryl groups in the mucus, normal mucociliary clearance. The drug is well established in the treatment of acute and chronic broncho-pulmonary disease, and thanks to its high efficiency Fluiforte positive reviews.

When taken orally Fluifort completely absorbed rather quickly, the maximum concentration in blood and bronchial secretion is reached within an hour. Period maintain therapeutic blood concentration - 8 hours.

The drug comes in the form Fluifort syrup and granules for oral suspension.

Fluifort: indications for use of the drug

The instructions to Fluifortu contain the following indications:

  • acute and chronic broncho-pulmonary pathology, accompanied by the formation of a viscous and trudnootdelyaemogo bronchial secretions (sputum): bronchitis, tracheitis, bronchitis, chronic lung disease, bronchial asthma;
  • inflammation localized in the middle ear and sinuses, accompanied by the formation of thick mucus: otitis media, sinusitis, adenoids, rhinitis;
  • Preparation for such research methods as bronchoscopy and bronchography.

Fluifort: Contraindications

According to the instructions Fluifort has the following contraindications:

  • hypersensitivity to the active substance;
  • ulcer of stomach and duodenum in the acute phase;
  • first trimester of pregnancy, lactation;
  • phenylketonuria (granular form) - the product contains aspartame;

Fluifort in syrup form can not be used for the treatment of children under 1 year old, in the form of granules - 16 years.

side effects

Before the drug may cause certain side effects, which cause negative responses about Fluiforte, but these phenomena are transitory and cease at lower dosage or drug discontinuation. This effects such as nausea, diarrhea, gastritis, dizziness, rash on the skin.

Fluifort: instructions for use

Fluifort in the form of syrup: dosage for adults is 15 ml twice or three times a day, for children from 5 years - 5 ml with the same multiplicity, up to 5 years - 2, 5 ml with the same multiplicity. At the age of 1 year the drug is not used.

Fluifort in granular form: 1 pack per day. The contents of the package must be thoroughly dissolved in the water.

The duration of treatment Fluifort determined by the physician based on the particular symptoms of the disease.

For patients suffering from liver or renal disease, the dosage and analogs Fluifort unchanged.


From the first days of the drug due Fluifort normalization of bronchial secretions enhanced expectoration.

Fluifort in the form of syrup contains sucrose. To this one should pay attention to patients suffering from diabetes. 1 tablespoon of the drug contains 5, 25 g of sucrose, 1 teaspoon - 3, 5 g

In applying the drug does not appear Fluifort addictive. The drug can be used for a long time (several months).

Use of the drug during pregnancy

The drug is contraindicated Fluifort in the first trimester of pregnancy. In the second and third trimesters Fluifort should be used with extreme caution.

Interaction with other drugs

The preparation increases the activity Fluifort simultaneously received corticosteroids and also improves the efficiency of antibacterial treatment of respiratory diseases. Fluifort enhances bronchodilator activity of theophylline. Action Fluiforta reduce atropine and cold preparations.

storage conditions

According to the instructions Fluifort should be stored at room temperature in a place protected from direct sunlight.  Form release Fluifort

Fluifort: analogues of the drug

Currently available many unique Fluiforta. The most common are the following drugs: Bronhobos, Libeksin Muko, Flyuditek, Mucodyne. Analogs Fluiforta also contain karbotsistein and come mostly in the form of syrup.

Reviews Fluiforte

The drug has proven efficacy in the treatment of many of broncho-pulmonary diseases, as confirmed by numerous positive reviews about Fluiforte. To take this drug, patients reported fairly rapid achievement of clinical effect. Good reviews of Fluiforte caused by the presence of two forms of release, making use of the drug more convenient and expands the scope of its application.