Flosteron - combined hormonal anti-inflammatory drug.  Suspension for injection Flosteron

Pharmacological action Flosterona

Due to the presence of the drug in the composition of powerful corticosteroid (betamethasone disodium phosphate, betamethasone dipropionate) Flosteron provides immediate anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic and anti-rheumatic effect.


The drug Flosterona and analogues are used to treat severe inflammatory processes and conditions that require the use of hormone replacement therapy.

Flosteron has successfully established itself in the treatment of rheumatic diseases: rheumatoid arthritis, extra-articular rheumatism, tenosynovitis, myositis, lumbago, psoriatic arthritis, post-traumatic osteoarthritis. Allergic diseases: asthma, chronic and seasonal rhinitis, skin diseases (psoriasis, keloid), atopic dermatitis contact, insect bites, collagen and other hypersensitivity reactions of the organism. Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract: ulcerative colitis.

Instructions Flosterona: methods of use

The instructions to Flosteronu noted that the daily dosage of the drug depends on the overall clinical picture and severity of the particular disease. In order to achieve a positive effect Flosteron administered intramuscularly in the buttocks at a dose of 1, 0 2, 0 ml every two to four weeks.

When used topically doses of 0, 25 to 2, 0 ml depending on the size of the affected area once every two to four weeks.

The drug Flosteron also injected directly into the affected area and intradermally intradermally in psoriasis, partial hair loss, monetopodobnoy eczema, atopic dermatitis and other diseases. The dosage should not exceed 0, 2 ml / cm, and the weekly dose should not exceed 1 ml.

Features of the application Flosterona

A preparation in the form of a suspension for injection is not used for intravenous administration. It is not recommended to inject the drug and analogues Flosterona in unstable joints, Achilles tendon area. In the long course of treatment must be careful. Stop taking Flosterona should gradually.  Flosteron ampoules

Pregnancy and lactation

Use of steroid medications during pregnancy is possible only in case of substantial benefit to the mother, which overlaps and justifies the risk to the fetus.

Admission Flosterona contraindicated during lactation.

Side effects Flosterona

In a review of Flosterone indicated that the duration of a course of drug treatment may manifest side effects: worsening tuberculosis, Cushing's disease, avascular bone necrosis, hypertension, arrhythmia, glaucoma, cataracts, corneal trophic lesions, acne, skin atrophy, diabetes, slowing wound healing, weight gain, increased risk of thrombosis and embolism, menstrual disorders, sleep disorders, depression, euphoria.

Contraindications Flosterona

The instructions to Flosteronu noted that there are a number of contraindications to its use. These include tuberculosis, stomach ulcers and duodenal ulcers, increased intraocular pressure, diabetes, inflammation of the walls of the veins, and infectious fungal disease, obesity, kidney failure.

During the period of the drug is contraindicated immunization, vaccination.

In a review of Flosterone it said that the drug is not recommended to receive during pregnancy and lactation.