Fliksotid - a drug from the group of glucocorticoid hormones used inhaled.

1 dose of Flixotide Diskus fluticasone propionate 50/100/250 contains mikroionizirovanny 50/100 / 250mkg respectively.

1 dose of Flixotide Evohaler contains fluticasone propionate 50/100/250 mikroionizirovanny 50/100 / 250mkg respectively.

1 Nebula (2ml) contains fluticasone propionate Fliksotid mikroionizirovanny 0, 5, or 2 mg.  Aerosol Fliksotid

Fliksotid - inhalation drug having a pronounced anti-inflammatory effects on lung tissue. The active ingredient - fluticasone propionate - glucocorticosteroid, helps to reduce the frequency of asthma attacks, reduces bronchial obstruction in patients with chronic lung disease and improving lung function. When applied according to the instructions Fliksotid pronounced therapeutic effect is achieved at 4-6 day, and subjective improvement has been observed a day later. Due to this positive feedback about Fliksotid from both pulmonologists and patients from using the drug.

Bioavailability Fliksotid ranges from 10 to 30%. When inhaled, some of the drug gets into the digestive system, but it does not play a significant role, as with oral bioavailability of fluticasone propionate is less than 1%. Systemic absorption of the drug in the inhalation route of administration is directly proportional to the dose administered. Gets into the bloodstream fast enough of the drug is metabolized in the liver, kidneys displayed drug. The half-life of 8 hours Fliksotid.

Fliksotid: indications for use

The instructions to Fliksotid describes the following indications:

  • treatment of patients with asthma severe or moderate (including when receiving systemic corticosteroids) for the prevention of attacks;
  • treatment of patients with chronic lung disease to reduce bronchial obstruction and improve lung ventilation function.

Fliksotid: instructions for use

Flixotide Discus

It is used for inhalation. To achieve the desired effect Flixotide Diskus must be used regularly, even if remission. Dosage and duration of treatment in each clinical situation picks physician.

For adult patients according to the severity of pulmonary pathology dosage of Flixotide Diskus 100-1000mkg twice a day. Use of the drug starts with minimal doses causing a therapeutic effect. If necessary, the dosage is increased.

For patients receiving beclomethasone dipropionate, the dosage is half Fliksotid dose beclomethasone.

The maximum daily dosage instructions on Fliksotid is 2000mkg.

Children from 4 years old, suffering from bronchial asthma, Flixotide Discus 50-100mkg appointed at a dose twice a day. If necessary dosage can be progressively increased to 400mkg per day.

Adult patients suffering from chronic lung disease, Flixotide Discus appointed by 500mkg twice a day.

Flixotide Evohaler

Before first use Flixotide Evohaler, as well as in cases where the drug is not used more than a week, you need to spray multiple doses. This ensures uniform dosing of the active ingredient. The mouthpiece should be cleaned at least once a week. Before using the vial should be thoroughly shaken. Spray aerosols need during slow breaths. When determining the dosage of the drug should be borne in mind that a single dose should correspond to a dose of two sprays Flixotide Evohaler.

Children aged 1-4 years spend inhalation using a special delivery device - spacer "Bebihaler."

Fliksotid Nebula

This form of the drug used for inhalation via a mouthpiece or face mask. Also, the drug can be delivered using a jet (not ultrasonic!) Nebulizer. If necessary inhalation for a long time, and also to achieve acceptable low dosage drug dilution in saline.

Contraindications Fliksotid

The instructions to Fliksotid contain the following contraindications to its use:

  • idiosyncrasy of the active substance or auxiliary components;
  • It does not apply for the relief of bronchial asthma attacks.

With extreme caution should be used Fliksotid and analogues of the drug for children, taking into account the possible hormonal disorders. Also, special care should be exercised when administering the drug to patients suffering from pulmonary tuberculosis and diabetes.

Side effects of the drug Fliksotid

When using the drug may experience the following side effects:

  • by Respiratory paradoxical bronchospasm (in case of this symptom must use the rapid-acting bronchodilators), hoarseness,
  • by metabolic and endocrine systems: impaired bone mineralization in children - growth inhibition, increased glucose concentration in the blood, glaucoma, cataracts,
  • CNS: irritability, anxiety, sleep disturbances,
  • Allergic reactions: bronchospasm, urticaria, angioedema, anaphylaxis.


After each use of the drug should be carefully rinse your mouth with water. Failure to do so may develop oral candidiasis, which often is the cause of the negative reviews about Flixotide.

Application Fliksotid during pregnancy

Use of the drug during pregnancy is possible only in cases where the benefit to the mother is much higher than the risk of a disease in the fetus.  Fliksotid per pack

storage conditions

Fliksotid and analogues of the drug should be stored at room temperature away from sunlight. Upcoming nebula kept not more than 12 hours in the upright position. It is strictly prohibited drug freeze.

Fliksotid: analogues of the drug

There are the following analogues Fliksotid: Kutiveyt, Nazarel, Fliksonaze, fluticasone.

Fliksotid: reviews of preparation

Reviews Fliksotid by medical practitioners are positive, as the drug has a very high efficiency, significantly reduces the incidence of seizures in patients with asthma, as well as significantly improved bronchial patency in patients with chronic lung disease. Due to the rather rapid achievement of tangible clinical benefit, reviews Fliksotid by patients as positive.

Before using Flixotide and peers need to study in detail the instructions for its use, since the drug is available in a special delivery device.

Use of the drug can only be prescribed by a doctor after determining the receive mode and the optimal dosage.