Fiziotenz - antihypertensive drug.

Pharmacological action

Application Fiziotenza  Packing Fiziotenz
 It leads to the stimulation of sensory receptors that are involved in tonic reflex and control of the sympathetic nervous system. Activation of these receptors reduces the drug Fiziotenz peripheral sympathetic activity and blood pressure. Efficiency Fiziotenza proven in many studies: a double-blind, randomized and placebo-controlled.

According to the reviews of Fiziotenze it differs from other sympatholytic antihypertensives less likelihood of sedation and dry mouth.

Product form

Fiziotenz produced in the form of tablets, coated in a film.

Indications Fiziotenza

The main indication for the use Fiziotenza is the presence in the patient of hypertension.

Instructions Fiziotenza: how to use

According to the instructions Fiziotenza drug is taken orally, regardless of mealtime. Usually Fiziotenz and its analogs are administered in a volume of 200 micrograms per day, the maximum dose per day is 600 mg of active substance, the maximum possible single dose - 400 micrograms.

When possible overdose Fiziotenz, which causes headache, drowsiness, decreased blood pressure, it is recommended to restore blood volume by the introduction of liquid and dopamine.

Upon detection of the patient's renal failure Fiziotenza daily dose should be 200 micrograms, in the case of good tolerability and dose can reach 400 mg.

Side effects Fiziotenza

Fiziotenz can  Tablets Fiziotenz
   to cause disturbances in the central nervous system, it is often dizziness, headache, somnolence, disturbances in the cardiovascular system (excessive pressure drop). It is also often a dry mouth as a brilliant representative of irregularities in the digestive system.

According to the reviews of Fiziotenze most common side effects of the drug Fiziotenz are dry mouth, headache, dizziness, weakness and drowsiness.


The drug is contraindicated in Fiziotenz sick sinus syndrome, with severe bradycardia (low frequency of heart beats), with hereditary galactose intolerance, as well as increased sensitivity to the main active ingredient of the drug.

According to the instructions Fiziotenza medication should be taken with extreme caution in patients with renal insufficiency and patients who are on hemodialysis.

Fiziotenz should not take patients up to 18 years.

If the drug you can not find in your local pharmacy, you should pay attention to the analogy Fiziotenza with the same active ingredient: Moksogamma, Moxonidine, Moksoniteks, Cynthia.