Fitosvechi - for the treatment of inflammatory diseases of the ear, nose, throat or gynecological disorders.

Pharmacological action Fitosvechey

Fitosvechi in ears  Fitosvechi with pumpkin seed oil
 composed of beeswax, propolis extracts from medicinal plants, and essential oils of cinnamon, eucalyptus, lavender, mint. Useful effect is due to the influence of composite components and a number of physical therapy effects, which have long been used in the treatment. So, propolis - a powerful antiseptic essential oils and herbs have anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antispasmodic action and mild warmth of candles and a vacuum is created by burning in the ears, nose makes breathing easier and improves hearing.

Fitosvechi vaginal presented two varieties - Candle in the erosion, leukoplakia and gynecological candles.

The basis of their natural cocoa butter, which gives good active substances in the tissue. The difference between the candles in the set of essential oils and herbs.

Fitosvechi when erosion, leukoplakia contain oils of lavender, tea tree, juniper and fir. They have anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory, antiseptic effect.

Fitosvechi used in gynecological tumor lesions of urogenital women, and set them in the ethers include lemon, geranium, pine oil, and the anti-grass.

Product form

As the name implies, vaginal and ear Fitosvechi produced in the form of suppositories.

Indications Fitosvechey

Suppositories are used in the vagina in the case of tumors in the genitourinary tract in women during erosion and leukoplakias of the cervix.

Fitosvechi in the ears is prescribed for inflammation of the ear, nose, throat, sinuses, cerumen impaction, inflammation of the auditory nerve, some types of hearing loss and tinnitus. They help in treatment of migraines and headaches, insomnia, irritability.


Fitosvechi in ears contraindicated in pus from the ears, with damage to the external ear canal or eardrum, if a person is allergic to honey and other bee products, with tumors of head.

According to the instructions in the vagina Fitosvechi contraindicated in pregnancy, allergies to bee products and renal failure.

General contraindications are blood diseases, tuberculosis, high blood pressure, cancers.

Instructions for use Fitosvechey

In the opinion of Fitosvechi  Packing Fitosvechi
 easy and simple to use at home alone or with another person. It is advisable not to wash your hair the day of the procedure. It is also not recommended to use candles without consulting a doctor or as a sole method of treatment.

To perform therapeutic session with ear Fitosvechami, you must first prepare everything necessary for the procedure - own candles, cap on head, matches, a container of water, cotton buds and cotton wool, baby cream. The patient lies on his right side, with a cream it becomes a gentle massage of the ear. This is followed by candle light the upper end and one in the foil, put to the ear canal. It is necessary to wait that the candle burned down to tags (it at the level of the foil) and then extinguish it in water. Ear should be cleaned wand and 10 - 15 minutes to insert a cotton swab. With the second ear manipulation is performed in the same way. In the case of a chronic course of disease treatment session is repeated 1 time per week for 5-6 weeks with acute process - every 2-3 days.

According to the instructions in the vagina Fitosvechi administered after 10 days from the onset of menstruation, the course lasts 10 days, the day is introduced by one candle at night. For best effect, it is desirable to repeat the course minimum3 times, ie 3 menstrual cycles in a row.

Side effects

In the opinion of Fitosvechi can cause allergic reactions, sometimes - burn ear canal and eardrum.