Fitomutsil - a popular drug to treat digestive problems. This medicine is founded on the basis of plant components and is safe and quite effective.  Fitomutsil - the use of ratings and reviews

Instructions Fitomutsila

The structure includes Fitomutsila psyllium husks and fruits homemade plum .  These ingredients allow the drug to solve several tasks .  Firstly, it has a therapeutic effect against constipation .  Fitomutsil mechanically increases the volume of intestinal contents, change its consistency in the direction of softening .  This leads to increased peristalsis by stimulating motor and evacuation function of the colon .  Herbal ingredients stimulate the secretion of bile, which also contributes to the daily chair .  Second, you can use Fitomutsil slimming .  Weight loss is not only due purgation .  The main effect of the drug in the fight against obesity - decreased appetite .  Satiety formed due to the fact that vegetable fibers Fitomutsila actively absorbs fluid, expands and fills the volume of the stomach .  This helps to reduce hunger and reduce overeating .  Fiber prevents penetrate the intestinal wall and carbohydrates, and fats from food eaten .  As a result, not all the absorbed calories, normal sugar and blood cholesterol .  Fitomutsil can be used in addition to other drugs in the treatment of diabetes, atherosclerosis, obesity .

Form release Fitomutsila - powder. Herbal ingredients are processed in a special way and thoroughly crushed. The package can be 4 or 30 bags of 6 grams, also means you can buy in cans of 360 g

Indications for use Fitomutsila - this disease and correction of power. Diseases in which the use of Fitomutsila recommended practice: constipation, intestinal dysbiosis, diverticulosis, hemorrhoids, anal fissures, and metabolic disorders. Correction power via Fitomutsila held in people with overweight, unable to stick to a regular, balanced diet. Indeed, the modern pace of life is sometimes not compatible with fractional power. Healthy food is available at little work in the office, and when changing shifts.

Dosing and Administration Fitomutsila picks physician. Typically prescribed one sachet 1-4 times a day. The dosage depends on the disease and the characteristics of the patient mode. The powder is diluted in pure water, drink without waiting for complete dissolution. In a review of Fitomutsile many say its neutral taste. If the drug you think is not too pleasant, you can try to plant it in the juice or dairy products. Within 10-15 minutes after receiving means recommended drink another 250-300 ml of drinking water or weak tea. By Fitomutsil instructions must be used separately from other medicaments. The powder may reduce the effectiveness of other drugs, as it reduces their biological availability.  Efficiency Fitomutsila slimming

Side effects when using Fitomutsila not identified. This is due to its effect only in the lumen of the intestine without affecting the whole body. Therefore Fitomutsil acceptable to use during pregnancy or nursing mothers.

Contraindications for use Fitomutsila yavletsya allergic to any of the components of the powder. You also can not be used when Fitomutsil obstruction of the gastrointestinal tract and acute inflammation of the mucous. Before using the funds need to consult with a specialist.

Reviews Fitomutsile

Doctors and patients are left mostly positive reviews about Fitomutsile. High safety of the drug and its species composition are very attractive in most cases. Fitomutsil called slimming aids only. The drug reduces appetite, but weight reduction is observed only if the diet and increasing physical activity.