Fitolon - a highly complex means of therapeutic and prophylactic purposes. Reviews Fitolon confirm that this drug is a potent immunomodulator, antioxidant and antiseptic. The current base Fitolon - copper derivatives of chlorophyll (MPH), lipid concentrate derived from the needles of spruce and pine, or kelp.  Fitolon as tablets

Release form and composition Fitolon

Fitolon available in various forms for indoor and outdoor use:

  • in the form of tablets, coated tablets (0, 69 g);
  • in the form of uncoated tablets (0, 65 g);
  • capsules (0, 325 g);
  • in the form of droplets (100 ml);
  • as a syrup (100 ml, 300 ml);
  • in the form of an oil solution (25 mL).

Scored tablets (capsules) chlorophyll derivatives, milk sugar, microcrystalline cellulose, starch. Preservatives and synthetic dyes are absent.

Ingredients drops Fitolon: MPH, ethyl alcohol. It does not contain synthetic fragrances and dyes.

Composition Syrup MPH, carotenoids, micro- and macrocells, peppermint extract and origanum vulgare, sterols, polyunsaturated fatty acids and salts thereof, tocopherols, fillers (citric acid, sugar, water and food flavorings). It does not contain essential oils and resin acids, preservatives, synthetic dyes.

The composition of the oil solution: Fitolon, corn oil. It does not contain fragrances, preservatives and synthetic dyes.

Pharmacological action Fitolon

Reviews Fitolon confirm that the product has immunocorrective, antimutagenic, anticancer, antimicrobial and virusocidal action (on herpes viruses and influenza). Furthermore, according to the instructions provided Fitolon tonic and deodorant.

Existing components Fitolon activate processes trophic and the microcirculation in the tissues, inhibit the growth of cancer cells, enhance the action of antibiotics, accelerate healing of ulcers, wounds, burns, stimulate hematopoiesis have TB and antifungal activity.

There are reviews of Fitolon as preparation, has a bactericidal effect on pathogenic and conditionally pathogenic intestinal flora.

Fitolon as an oil solution has a wound-healing, soothing and nourishing effect on the mucous membrane of the throat and nose.

Indications according to the instructions Fitolon

The main uses of Fitolon in medicine:

  • Oncology - complex therapy of breast cancer, esophagus, rectum under laser irradiation and chemotherapy, the blood;
  • Phtisiopneumology - prevention and comprehensive treatment of broncho-pulmonary diseases;
  • Gastroenterology - stimulation of healing of erosions, ulcers, wounds, restoration of beneficial microflora;
  • Haematology - relieves leukopenia and anemia of various origins;
  • dentistry - a comprehensive treatment of leukoplakia, periodontal disease;
  • therapy, gerontology - the restoration of antioxidant protection and immunity;
  • Drug Addiction - the suppression of craving for alcohol;
  • otolaryngology - prevention and comprehensive treatment of inflammatory diseases of the nose, ear, throat;
  • colds and viral diseases: prevention and comprehensive treatment of SARS, flu, intestinal infections.

Dosing Fitolon

According to the instructions Fitolon in pill form for adults and children from seven years to be taken two or three times a day (1-2 tablets). Duration of reception - one to six months.

Fitolon syrup administered regardless of food intake:  Fitolon syrup

  • children under one year - half a teaspoon once a day;
  • Children from one to three years - one teaspoon per day;
  • children three to ten years - one to two teaspoons a day;
  • children ten to eighteen years of age and adults - one tablespoon per day.

The syrup should be taken during the month.

Drops Fitolon diluted in 1/4 cup of water, should be taken three times a day during meals:

  • children three to six years - one drop per year of life;
  • children six to fourteen years of age - 10-15 drops;
  • adults and children over fourteen years of age - 25-30 drops.

Duration of reception - one month.

As a gargle for sore throats, periodontitis and stomatitis recommended solution of two teaspoons of funds to a third of a cup of water three times a day.

For irrigation and throat when inhaled Fitolon used at a dilution of 1: 5-1: 10.

Fitolon as an oil solution is recommended for massage, as well as to dig into the nose to reduce the catarrhal symptoms of colds.


  • idiosyncrasy components Fitolon.

Shelf life Fitolon

  • capsules (tablets) drops - 2 years;
  • oily solution, syrup - 1 year.

Store in a cool, dark place.