Useful properties of fir

 Fir - conifer pine family
 Fir related to conifers found in Eurasia, North and Central America.

The official and folk medicine used oil and fir needles.

The oil in the pharmaceutical industry frequently used to obtain camphor, which treat acute heart failure, rheumatism, reduce inflammation, stimulate circulation and respiration with lobar pneumonia, other infections.

Pure oil of fir used more often in folk medicine: to treat neuralgia, myositis, sciatica, rheumatism, colds.

Fir needles helps with arthritis, and tree resin - a good way to stop the bleeding, healing wounds.

The use of silver fir

When arthritis to relieve joint pain make compresses of fir needles. To do this, boil the remedy: 10g needles boil for half an hour at 0, 5 cups of water, strained and boiled water is poured to replace the one that has boiled away.

 Essential oil of Siberian fir
 For the treatment of plexitis, sciatica, and other diseases of the nervous system peripheral rubbed loin or other sick plots fir oil - 5-10 drops. The result of the treatment will be better if before each grinding steam out in the hot bath or warm up a sore spot. Usually it is sufficient to 10-15 procedures.

To remove a toothache oil fir on fleece applied to the tooth, holding 10-20min each side. The procedure is one and a half or two hours can be repeated.

Fir helps in diseases of the mouth, inflammation of the gums - make applications with oil. Furthermore, periodontal disease can be cured with the help of a decoction on fir needles, brewed according to the above recipe. For the treatment of mouth rinse for 20-30 days two rows / day. At one rinse out a glass of water softwood.

So used to treat angina fir - pipette is applied 1-2 drops of oil on the swollen glands or lubricate them dipped in fir oil swab. Spend handling glands every 4-5 hours for 2-3 days. If a sore throat turned into a chronic form, except lubricating glands need to drip 1-2 drops of fir oil in the nose.

Pneumonia, bronchitis help inhalation oil.

Effective use fir the flu: oil rubbed into the skin of the chest, collar area on the back of 4-5 p / day (every 5-6ch). After rubbing the patient should drink a decoction of sweatshops and anti-inflammatory action, and to sit in the warmth. Usually the condition is improved in a day.

Chronic rhinitis can also be cured with the help of fir: 3-4 p / day to lubricate the skin and massage in the maxillary sinuses oil and dig while on the 1st drop of pine oil in the nose.

For the treatment of severe coughing at night on his tongue dripping 2-3 drops of oil fir.

For the treatment of enterocolitis, colitis used water, to insist on the fir needles on the above recipe. Drink in these diseases water ½ cup three p / day for 20 minutes before eating.

For the treatment of angina can be rubbed on the chest, below the nipple butter 3-4 p / day - 2-3 drops. Application of fir in this disease is useful to predicted magnetic storms and the pressure drop, usually causing deterioration.

To eliminate excessive sweating of the feet during the week to do the bath infusion of cones and fir needles that take equally. Prepare infusion as follows: 100 g of the mixture pour a liter of boiling water, to insist 25 min.

When frostbite help compresses decoction of pine: the needles 50g boiled in a liter of boiling water. Apply compresses to the affected area for 10 minutes. Broth fir sure to drain.

Fir helps with skin diseases, including eczema. Prepare for external use a mixture of fir oil from one of the fats: goose, domestic unsalted pork fat, lard or badger baby cream. The component ratio of 30% and 70% respectively. This ointment is good 2-3 p / day to lubricate the patients patches on the skin, from top to put the paper to compress and bandage. The treatment lasts 12-24 days.

Apply fir and treatment of skin diseases in children (intertrigo, diathesis, bedsores). Prepare a mixture of: 40% of children's cream or Vaseline medical, 30% sulfuric ointment and 30% of pine oil.

For therapeutic massage is useful to mix, where only 5% of pine oil and 95% - of any of these fats.

Store preparations of fir, particularly cooked on fir oil need only in the dark, well-sealed container: oil tends to degrade in sunlight and oxidized by contact with oxygen.

Contraindications fir

The use of silver fir is contraindicated in case of hypersensitivity during pregnancy.

During treatment agents prepared on fir, and two days after that, it is not recommended to drink alcohol - noted that it is detrimental to the therapeutic effect of drugs.