Ferropleks - drug is a stimulant of hematopoiesis.

The tool is available  Packing Ferropleks
 in dosage forms: pills, tablets, coated tablets, and sustained-release coated.

The active substances according to the instructions Ferropleksa are ferrous sulfate heptahydrate and ascorbic acid. Auxiliary components of the preparation are presented lactose monohydrate (84 mg), potato starch (20 mg), talc (4, 5 mg), sucrose (4, 5 mg), gelatin (3 mg) and stearine (4 mg). The composition includes sucrose Ferropleksa shell (125, 8 mg), magnesium oxide (16, 6 mg), talc (46, 5 mg), vegetable oil (6, 3 mg) and gum arabic (acacia) - 4, 8 mg.

Pharmacological action

As a combined preparation Ferropleks compensates for the deficiency of iron in the body and its constituent ascorbic acid improves absorption of substances from the gastrointestinal tract - primarily of the distal small intestine. By reducing the content of iron in the body increases the intensity of the absorption of trace elements.

Indications Ferropleksa

According to the instructions Ferropleks appointed as a prophylactic agent in the presence of iron deficiency in pregnancy, lactation, unbalanced and malnutrition during acute or chronic blood loss (including, in the presence of duodenal ulcer and stomach). In addition, according to the remarks in a review Ferropleksu, the drug is effective in the recovery period after a serious illness during intensive growth of the organism, as well as chronic diarrhea.


Ferropleks and analogues of the drug is not recommended for use in the presence of hypersensitivity to the components of the means bleeding, elevated levels of iron in the body (hemochromatosis, gemosideroze) with aplastic anemia (violation of the mechanism of iron utilization) after gastric resection, in children under 12 years. According to reviews Ferropleks successfully used during pregnancy and lactation period.

Side effects Ferropleksa

Some of the side effects Ferropleksa and analogs include vomiting, nausea, diarrhea or constipation, loss of appetite, gastralgia, allergic skin manifestations. If overdose may manifest similar symptoms. Treatment is carried out as follows: the stomach is washed with 1% aqueous sodium bicarbonate, within the receiving deferoxamine, milk and raw eggs, mediates the binding of the iron ions in the gastrointestinal tract and their subsequent elimination.

Dosing Ferropleksa

Tablets and dragee  Jelly beans Ferropleks
 Ferropleksa, according to instructions, taken by mouth, washed down with 100 ml of drinking water for half an hour before a meal - not liquid. The standard adult dosage Ferropleksa is 100-200 mg / day in the treatment, for prevention and maintenance therapy - 100 mg / day.


According to the reviews Ferropleksu drug is effective only when iron deficiency, anemia other etymologies therapeutic action means were not able to. It is recommended to avoid simultaneous administration Ferropleksa with other drugs containing iron, to avoid the risk of overdose. While taking Ferropleksa possible staining of feces black.

Drug absorption is reduced egg yolk, tea, D-penicillamine, tetracyclines and antacids containing magnesium and calcium salts.

This manual is not intended to Ferropleksu for ingestion without doctor's advice.