Fermenkol enzyme-protivorubtsovy cosmetic preparation of the new generation. Reviews Fermenkol confirm the high treatment efficiency and speed of the drug.

Preparations  Gel Fermenkol
 Kontratubeks, Lidaza - Fermenkol counterparts.

Structure and Composition

Fermenkol is a unique enzyme composition of 9 collagenolytic protease with a molecular weight of 20 to 100kDa derived from the digestive organs of marine invertebrates.

The product does not contain more impurities (pigments, polysaccharides, lipoproteins).

Known release forms Fermenkol:

  • Electrophoresis kit comprising a complex of collagenase in the form of dry active substance - hygroscopic powder light yellow solid (4mg) and solaktina - special means in the form of a transparent liquid for preparing the enzyme solution (40 ml).
  • Fermenkol as a gel (transparent ground). One gram of gel contains 0, 1 mg of collagenase - the main active ingredient of the drug.

Pharmacological action Fermenkol

According to the instructions Fermenkol manifests as a general proteolytic and collagenolytic activity. Fermenkol has the ability to hydrolyze into individual amino acids are typical of hypertrophic and keloid scars branched molecules pathological collagen hub vortex and packing. The destruction of excess collagen is a restoration of the structure and fluid and electrolyte balance of scar tissue.

Indications Fermenkol

Reviews Fermenkol confirm that the medication can be used to correct scars and prevent their development in various fields of cosmetology and surgery (post-burn and post-surgical scars, acne treatment, as well as the correction of the effects of acne).

According to the instructions Fermenkol should be used within three weeks after the burn, injury or surgery.

Dosing instructions for Fermenkol

The drug can be administered in the scar tissue through the application, phonophoresis and electrophoresis.

Application - the most affordable home method of application Fermenkol. For this procedure Fermenkol powder must be dissolved in 40-50 ml of normal saline or distilled water. Moistened cloth resulting solution should be attached to the area of ​​the scar about half an hour. The procedure should be carried out once or twice a day for a month. If necessary, repeat the treatment.

Before using a gel Fermenkol need to clean the damaged area of ​​skin special cosmetics. Lightly apply gel (do not rub). This procedure should be carried out two or three times a day for a month. The break between courses -10-16 days.

Judging by the reviews of Fermenkol, the best results are observed in the treatment of the drug when administered via electrophoresis or phonophoresis.

When Phonophoresis  Set for enzymatic correction Fermenkol
   All conditions are created for a deeper penetration of collagenolytic enzymes in the affected areas of skin. Before the procedure is necessary to clean the area of ​​skin special cosmetics. Mode of administration: the energy flux density of not more than 300 mW / cm² at Phonophoresis in the limbs and trunk, and less than 200 mW / cm² at Phonophoresis in the area of ​​the face. The exposure duration of about five minutes per area. The procedure must be used 10-12 times daily at the same time. The break between courses -10-16 days.

For electrophoresis according to the instruction Fermenkol powder in dilute potassium chloride solution (1% aqueous solution) to a concentration in solution of 1 mg / ml and then the solution diluted with a weak solution of hydrochloric acid. Moisten gauze Fermenkol resulting solution (with a concentration of 0, 2 mg / ml), apply it to the scar area and be used for electrophoresis procedures. Administration should begin at the anode at a current density of not more than 0, 05 mA / cm² at localization scar on the face, and not more than 0, 1 mA / cm² during electrophoresis in the extremities and trunk. The procedure should be primenyat10-15 once daily at one and the same time of day. The break between courses - 10-15 days.


  • atrophic scars and hypotrophic;
  • idiosyncrasy collagenase.

Since Fermenkol contains active enzymes in the skin hypersensitivity drug may cause its redness, which usually passes immediately after discontinuation of the drug. It is not recommended to use the drug to correct stretch marks.