Ferezol - medication with mummified and cauterizing action.

Structure and Composition Ferezola

Producing solution  Packing Ferezol
 designed for outdoor use. 100 g of a solution containing the following active ingredients:

  • Tricresol 40 g;
  • Phenol '60

During dark glass bottles of 100 g, complete with applicator.

Instead removed from the production of the drug Ferezol today issued its improved formula - preparation Verrukatsid® that ZAO "Retinoids" cleared of ortho - and paracresol, retaining only the main active principle - cresol. As a result, the drug has become more active, and to achieve the same effect it must be used in smaller doses, so - it is less toxic. Furthermore, Verrukatsid® has convenient packaging applicator.

Pharmacological action

According to the instructions Ferezol coagulates the protein of the skin, has a cauterizing effect.

Indications Ferezola

Ferezol according to the instructions shown in the following cases:

  • papilloma;
  • Dry corn;
  • plantar, filiform and common warts;
  • keratomas;
  • genital warts.


Ferezol contraindicated for removing moles, if hypersensitivity and in children up to seven years.

It is forbidden to apply the solution to the surface of the skin for more than 20 square meters. cm., as well as lesions located on the mucous membranes and red border of the lips.

Dosing and dosing regimen Ferezola

According to the instructions Ferezol intended for external use only. Apply the drug or analogue Ferezola the damaged area of ​​skin using an applicator, preventing its contact with the healthy adjacent areas, as well as the mucous membranes.

On filiform warts and papillomas small (2 mm in size) Ferezol applied singly.

For small warts and papillomas larger (2-3 mm in size) formulation is applied three or four times, making a break for drying the applied solution.

Before you delete with a solution of plantar warts, the warts with a dense surface on chapped hands, dry corn, keratomas, remove from the surface all the horny layers. This requires several hours to cause them keratolytic ointment such as salicylic 10%. After this section is covered with greased plastic wrap or compress paper and gauze bandage on please. You can seal the land plaster.

After removing the bandage or plaster skin should steam in hot soapy water and soda for ten minutes and remove all the horny layers (cut using pliers or nail clippers). After the skin is dry, apply Ferezol several times at intervals of 4-5 minutes for drying.

Dry corn and keratomas enough to handle Ferezolom, reviews, three or four times, making small breaks for drying the applied solution.

Warts on the soles and hands treated with 7-10 times with a short interval for drying the applied solution.

to avoid  Ferezol vial
 burn the surrounding skin with repeated use of the drug or analogue Ferezola, it is advisable to lubricate it with zinc paste. After the last drying the applied layer of the solution zinc paste can be removed with a dry gauze pad.

It is not recommended to remove their own warts. Their treatment and subsequent removal of Ferezolom held in the treatment room by a urologist or dermatologist. Apply in this case the drug once or twice at intervals for the drying of the solution.

If necessary, re-treatment may be carried out after a week's break. Carrying out of four or five treatments.

Side effects Ferezola

Ferezol on responses can cause allergic reactions, redness of the skin around the eyes and swelling that usually disappear on their own.

Drug Interactions

It is not recommended to lubricate the skin area treated Ferezolom, any ointments, since the components of the drug dissolves rapidly in the ointment base.

Application Ferezola during pregnancy and breastfeeding

During pregnancy should take into account the benefits and risks for the mother and the fetus when applying the solution.

During the period of lactation is forbidden to remove formation located on the hands and breasts.

storage conditions

The drug should be stored in tightly closed bottle at a cool temperature of not more than five years.


To avoid getting the solution on the mucous membranes, in particular on mucous membranes of the eyes. In the event that you need to wash the area with plenty of water and go to the hospital.

Prohibited bandaging plots treated with a solution or gluing of plaster. In the opinion of Ferezol not be applied again to the drying of the previous layer.

Do not apply the solution to education, located on heavily sweating areas and skin folds (interdigital spaces, anal and inguinal crease), as this may cause burns intact skin by contact.

In the event you need to apply the healing of burns and protivoozhogovye funds.