Femikaps - a natural non-hormonal means of fortifying complex (dietary supplement) that is designed to correct some gynecological diseases in women are associated with violation of hormonal background.

Pharmacological action Femikapsa

Action Femikapsa due to the properties of its components.  Dietary supplement Femikaps

Extract of Vitex sacred, containing iridoid glycosides (aukubin and agnuzid), essential oils (cineole, Sabine, limonene), some flavonoids and fitosteroidy promotes:

  • Increase the production of luteinizing hormone;
  • Normal levels of progesterone (a female hormone);
  • Modulation of prolactin secretion;
  • Suppression of the synthesis of follicle stimulating hormone by the pituitary gland.

In the complex treatment of hyperprolactinemia Femikaps, reviews, is an effective alternative fitosredstv (thanks exerted Vitex dopaminergic effect).

Evening primrose oil, part of Femikapsa, promotes normalization of gamma-linolenic acid in the body. Due to activation of many processes, oil is effective:

  • In the presence of gynecologic inflammations which are due to an imbalance of tissue prostanoids, prostaglandin and hormones, as well as other active substances of endogenous origin;
  • At various disorders of lipid metabolism, hormonal and menstrual cycle;
  • To maintain elasticity and visual appeal of the skin;
  • In a number of disorders of the immune and endocrine systems (atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, some allergies, rheumatoid arthritis).

Flavonoids (vitsenin, vitexin, saponarin), coumarin, maltol and tsianoglikozidy belonging to the passion fruit extract, have a sedative and antispasmodic effect in autonomic dystonia and neurasthenia, as well as:

  • Calms the nervous system;
  • Relieves stress and depression;
  • Improves sleep.

Vitamins and magnesium are part of Femikapsa contribute:

  • Reduce the levels of irritability and mood swings;
  • Protection of cells from the damaging effects of free radicals;
  • Reduce water retention and reduce swelling.

Product form

BAA Femikaps produced in the form of gelatin capsules, which include:

  • 302, 4 mg of oil Oenothera biennis (evening primrose) cold pressing;
  • 25 mg extract of Vitex agnus castus (Vitex sacred);
  • 76 mg of magnesium oxide;
  • 20 mg extract of flowers Passiflora incarnata (passion fruit);
  • 0, 74 mg of vitamin B6;
  • 3, 7 mg vitamin E;
  • 29, 5 mg of wax;
  • 13, 9 mg of soy lecithin;
  • Auxiliary components.

120 capsules per package.

Analogs Femikapsa

Femikapsa analogs containing the same active ingredients, do not release.

The most similar in mode of action counterparts Femikapsa include drugs: Duovit, Osteo, Viraton, Complivit, Selenium, Diamel, Kaltsemid, Kardikord, Kopriva, Marseille, Memofleks, shackles Namivit, Migliorin Yodoflor, selenium and others.

Indications Femikapsa

According to the instructions Femikaps recommended:

  • As a means to correct some gynecological diseases in women are caused by a violation of hormonal background;
  • As a general tonic;
  • As an additional source of magnesium and vitamin B6 and E.

In the complex treatment of reviews Femikaps effective in:  Femikaps capsules

  • Mastitis;
  • Premenstrual syndrome;
  • Polimenoree;
  • Ovarian cysts;
  • Uterine fibroids;
  • Insufficient lactation;
  • Hypermenorrhea;
  • Infertility;
  • Endometriosis;
  • Menopausal disorders.


Femikaps contraindicated for instructions apply when:

  • Pregnancy and breast-feeding;
  • Individual intolerance (including a history of hypersensitivity) active and auxiliary components Femikapsa.

Dosing Femikapsa

The recommended course of three months Femikapsa two capsules twice a day. The drug should be taken after meals.

side effects

When applying for Femikapsa reviews in some cases may develop allergic reactions.

storage conditions

Like other dietary supplements, Femikaps available without prescription. Shelf life of capsules - 24 months (at room temperature).