Feed - preparation of the insulin group.

Pharmacological action

Feed - hypoglycemic (blood sugar lowering) agent, a suspension of purified beef (or pork) insulin for an average duration of time.

Action The tape starts at 2, 5 h after subcutaneous injection and lasts an average of more hours (the duration of the dose due to the manner, the place of administration).

Product form

Release tape in a suspension for injection.

Indications Feed

Feed according to the instructions indicated in: Diabetes mellitus first and second types in cases where the patient is observed resistance to oral hypoglycemic agents are used as drug for diseases which complicate diabetes.

Assign tool and during pregnancy when diet therapy was ineffective.


According to the instructions Tape should not be used during hypoglycemia, pancreatic cancer when the tumor (insulinoma). Do not use tool for removing the patient from a diabetic coma.

Efficiency means increase oxytetracycline, salicylates, beta-adrenostimulyatorov, alpha-blockers, and reduce - hormonal oral contraceptives, steroids. The combination of alcohol and the tape can cause hypoglycemia.

Do not recommend insulin injections in the same place. When the manifestation of hypoglycemia, the patient should take the sugar.

The caution exercised when administering the drug to patients with renal insufficiency, liver, thyroid disorders, Addison's disease, after surgery, infections during pregnancy, after 65l.

Instructions for use Feed

Feed prescribed to take one or two p / day. Before the introduction of the vial should be shaken to ensure complete mixing of the solvent with insulin, after this drug is administered to the patient.

For the treatment of diabetes mellitus first type of tape used as the primary drug, combining it with the fast-acting insulin.

 Feed suspension for injection

Feed, as indicated by type II diabetes, a drug can be used as monotherapy.

Generally, dosage is determined depending on the condition of the patient by the attending physician, and the daily amount of insulin varies from 0 5-1ME kg.

If required dosage Feed on indications reaches 0, 6ED kg, is administered two injections at different locations on the body.

Side effects

At the injection site skin rash may appear, there may be allergic edema in subcutaneous tissue may decrease the amount of fat tissue.

Also observed lack of response to insulin after application tape.