Evkabal - mostly drug plant, has expectorant and anti-inflammatory actions.

Pharmacological action Evkabala

Evkabala therapeutic effect due to the effect of its components plant origin. So, thymol and carvacrol (active substances thyme) provide mucolytic, expectorant, antispasmodic and anti-microbial effects.  Mucolytic drug Evkabal

Plantain extract thanks to its member glycosides and flavonoids and anti-inflammatory action secretolytic.

Numerous reviews of Evkabale celebrate its effectiveness in reducing the irritation of the upper respiratory tract. In addition, the drug helps sputum discharge, it can be used with the whooping cough.

Product form

The drug comes in the form Evkabal syrup.

The syrup is a clear liquid with a dark brown shade, has a sweet taste and a pronounced odor. The drugstore chain syrup is sold packaged in dark glass bottles of 100 ml. The vials are sealed in a cardboard box.

Indications Evkabala

Instructions for use of the drug prescribed Evkabalu as part of combination therapy with a number of respiratory diseases. In particular, it concerns diseases that are accompanied by a cough (including spastic) and trudnootdelyaemoy sputum: tracheitis, bronchitis, bronchitis.


Evkabal not recommended for use in some cases, the list of which is given below:

  • liver diseases;
  • during pregnancy and lactation;
  • hypersensitivity to any component of the formulation;
  • in alcohol dependence (because it contains ethanol);
  • epilepsy;
  • trauma of the brain.

Caution should use in patients with diabetes mellitus, for dieting with limited carbohydrate intake during childhood (due to the ethanol content).

Instructions for use Evkabala

According to the instructions Evkabal should be neat, the food. Recommended doses vary depending on the age of the patients:  Dosage form Evkabala - Syrup

  • children from six months to one year should be taken Evkabal once a day one teaspoon;
  • young children recommended to receive twice daily as one tsp .;
  • school-age children should be increased to take medication to 1 tablespoon, leave the same frequency - twice a day;
  • Adult patients may receive one or two tablespoons Evkabala 3 to 5 times per day.

The duration of the medication is determined solely by the physician, focusing on the severity of the disease and the patient's individual condition. Usually, within 2 weeks of Evkabala manages to get rid of the symptoms of mild disease. However, even after the disappearance of all symptoms of the disease the drug is still recommended for 2 or 3 days.

If there is no improvement for 2-3 weeks after you start taking consult your doctor.

Side effects Evkabala

The drug is mostly well tolerated, but there are a number of reviews about Evkabale, warning of the possibility of allergic reactions during the reception. Primarily allergy may arise because of the content in the medium-alkyl-4-hydroxybenzoate.


Before taking it should be noted that Evkabal contains 6, 5% ethanol.

Sucrose content equals 0, 6 mg / ml. One teaspoon (5 ml) contains about 3 grams of sugar, one tablespoon (10 ml) - 6 g

Evkabal not recommended for use in conjunction with other antitussives.

Blurred syrup or precipitation should be a reason for not taking the drug.

storage conditions

Store Evkabal necessary temperature to 20 ° C, while the lower strap is 2 ° C. Shelf life under the conditions is 2 years.