Evamenol - combination drug with vasoconstrictor and Valium action for the symptomatic treatment of rhinitis.

Pharmacological action Evamenol

 The agent for the treatment of rhinitis Evamenol
 The active components have Evamenol mestnorazdrazhayuschee, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic minor. As a result of reviews on Evamenol easier nasal breathing that occurs due to narrowing of the blood vessels of the mucous membrane of the nasal passages.

Pharmacological action Evamenol instructions due to the properties of the components in the ointment.

Menthol has a local irritating effect and mild antiseptic properties.

Eucalyptus oil stimulates receptors of the mucous membranes, thus providing antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect.

Form release Evamenol

Evamenol produced in the form of nasal ointments, 100 g of which contain the active ingredient levomenthol and eucalyptus oil. In the box of 15 g or in dark glass jars of 20 g

Evamenol analogues are drugs in various dosage forms:

  • Syrup - Althea, Gerbion, Amtersol, Bronhikum C Bronchipret, Gedeliks, Dr. Mom, Coldrex bronchitis, Cook, Dr. Theiss, Linkus, Pertussin, slept Theraflu HF Travisil, Tussin;
  • Vegetable raw materials - Ledum palustre shoots, Althea roots Thoracic collection №1-4, Oregano grass, anise fruit, Plantain leaves, thyme grass;
  • Elixir - Bronhikum;
  • Pastilles - Bronhikum C Linkus Lohr, Fitolor, Eucalyptus-M;
  • Tablets - Mukaltin, Pektusin, Termopsol, Travisil, Mukaltin-Lect.

Indications Evamenol

Evamenol according to the instructions prescribed as a remedy for the symptomatic treatment of acute and chronic rhinitis flow.


Evamenol not recommended:

  • When hypersensitive to components forming part of the ointment;
  • In pediatrics up to two years.

Dosing Evamenol

By indications Evamenol in small amounts up to three times a day to be applied to mucous membranes of the nasal passages. Generally, treatment Evamenol shall not exceed ten days.

No cases of overdose have been recorded.  Nasal Ointment Evamenol

Evamenol can be used together with other medicines prescribed for the treatment of infections, allergies and colds. No significant drug-drug interactions when used with other drugs Evamenol not established.

Application Evamenol during pregnancy

Adjustment of dosage, duration of use and multiplicity Evamenol during pregnancy are not required.

side effects

In applying Evamenol of reviews in rare cases may experience allergic reactions.

storage conditions

Evamenol refers to the number of symptomatic drugs, supply of pharmacies are permitted without a prescription. Shelf life ointment - no more than 24 months at temperatures up to 20 ° C.