Esvitsin - a therapeutic and preventive,  Cosmetic Esvitsin
 cosmetics with multilateral action, stimulating important biochemical processes of the human body, prevents aging. The structure includes a set of bio-stimulants Esvitsina, as well as micro-and macro. The tool is effective in the fight against hair loss, and is also used for the prevention, treatment of various diseases as a tonic, health-improving, anti-aging drug. This tool patented composition Esvitsina not be disclosed. Esvitsin designed for outdoor as well as oral administration. It is important that the composition does not include Esvitsina hormones.

Internal use Esvitsina

The instructions to Esvitsinu stated that this tool should be taken on an empty stomach on a table spoon, the multiplicity of reception - two or three times a week. With prolonged use Esvitsina marked improvement of health, the disappearance of acne on the face, improved potency, strengthen tooth enamel, the cessation of bleeding gums, strengthen nails.

External application Esvitsina

Outwardly Esvitsin used for hair loss .  The instructions to Esvitsinu noted that to stimulate hair growth, the tool must be applied directly to the hair roots three times a week, without rubbing and then not washing .  It is recommended to combine an external application with oral .  To enhance the effect, you can add Esvitsin shampoo (ratio - 1: 4) .  To increase the effectiveness of treatment of alopecia should be regularly massage your scalp massage brush .  When used according to instructions Esvitsina 10 days there is a noticeable decrease in hair loss, as well as the disappearance of dandruff .  Moreover, when using the drug in the initial stage of alopecia patients up to 30 years is possible and complete recovery of hair .  Reviews Esvitsine suggest that regular wetting agent according to the hair roots improves the condition of the hair cuticle, reduced brittleness, cut the hair even after the chemical dyeing or perming .

The duration of therapy Esvitsinom individual. For men, it is an average of about 1 year. Reviews Esvitsine from women speak of the manifestation of the effect after three months of using tools.

For best effect should be combined with the use of Esvitsina balanced nutrition, including adequate intake of protein, fat, vitamins and trace elements. Thus it is necessary to limit the use of flour, sugary foods.

It is also recommended to use Esvitsina in treatment of gastritis and gastric ulcer. In this case, Esvitsin should be taken daily for one tablespoon three months.

When combined therapy  Balsam Esvitsin
 hypertension Esvitsin taken three times a day for two tablespoons three months.

In order to eliminate alcohol dependence Esvitsin take two tablespoons twice a day for 2-3 months, with significantly reduced craving for alcohol.

To rejuvenate, tone and improve immunity Esvitsin use a tablespoon daily. It was noted that the regular use of the resources elderly markedly increased energy, reduced incidence compared with their peers who do not use Esvitsin and noted darkening of the elderly gray hair.

Contraindications to the use Esvitsina are idiosyncrasy, as well as during pregnancy and lactation.