Esperal - pharmacological  Packing Esperal
 drug for the treatment of alcoholism. In many reviews to esperal confirmed that regular use of the drug contributes to a persistent negative effect on alcohol.

Antabuse, Torpedo, Lidevin, Disulfiram, Tetlong-250 Teturam - structural analogues esperal on the main active ingredient.

Structure and Composition

According to the instructions Esperal made into tablets for oral administration, as well as a gel and tablets for subcutaneous implantation.

One tablet contains esperal 0, 5 g of disulfiram - the active ingredient of the drug.

Pharmacological action esperal

The principle of operation is to inhibit esperal atsetaldegidrooksidazy - an enzyme involved in the digestion process and neutralization of ethanol in the blood plasma. Partial oxidation of ethanol in blood contributes to the accumulation of its intermediate metabolite - acetaldehyde, which leads to toxic poisoning organism. As a result of intoxication appear unpleasant symptoms: nausea, tachycardia, vomiting, malaise, weakness, feeling short of breath, drowsiness and confusion or over-stimulation.

Judging by the reviews, Esperal as a means of alcoholism applied depending on the stage, when the patient can not control the amount of alcohol consumed. After ingestion of 70-90% of the drug is rapidly absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract. The maximum therapeutic effect is reached after 11-12 hours after taking the money inside. Action esperal lasts for 9-14 days after discontinuation of therapy.

Application esperal of implants allows to maintain a constant concentration of disulfiram (inhibitor) in the body.

Before you start the application esperal patient shall, within two or three days to abstain from drinking alcohol.

In some reviews to esperal it says that reaction to the use of alcohol on the background of this tool can be a lightning and delayed. In the latter case, the patient may develop toxic hepatitis affects the liver, kidneys, pancreas.

Indications esperal

According to the instructions Esperal used to prevent recurrence during the treatment of alcohol dependence, as well as a detoxifying agent in the treatment of chronic alcoholism (in case of poisoning with nickel).

Esperal - Instructions for use

By Esperal instructions in the form of tablets taken once a day at a dose of 0, 5 g (morning during breakfast). After 8-10 days after initiation of therapy is carried teturam-alcoholic sample (25-30 ml of 40% ethanol esperal after receiving a dose of 0, 5 g). With a weak reaction dose of ethanol increased by 15-20 ml (the maximum allowable dose of alcohol - 110-120 ml). The sample was repeated after one or two days in the hospital and in three to five days on an outpatient basis, with correction doses of ethanol and / or medication (if necessary). Subsequently Esperal recommended for a daily maintenance dose (0, 150-0, 2r) within 1-3 years.

Implantation tablet formulation is administered to muscle tissue to a depth of four centimeters. In most Esperal implanted in the left iliac area or in the upper part of the buttocks. After pre-procedure analgesia and thorough disinfection makes a small incision (about 6mm), pushing the subcutaneous tissue using a trocar and introduced two tablets esperal (at 0, 1 g) at a depth of about four centimeters. The procedure is repeated four times, introducing tablet parallel to the surface of the skin (crosswise space around the incision). The total dose of medicament is 0, 8 g (eight tablets). After the procedure to implant the incision sutured and sterile dressing. Validity esperal determined dosages and selected for each patient individually (from six months to five years).

Esperal implanted in the form of gel and acts similar means in the form of tablets.


The drug should not be used in case of hypersensitivity to its components, in severe pathologies of the cardiovascular system (cardiovascular disease, myocarditis), of nervous and mental diseases, liver and / or kidney failure, epilepsy, diabetes, as well as during pregnancy and lactation .

Do not use  Tablets Esperal
   drug or alcohol when taking medicines containing alcohol within the previous day.

side effect

In many reviews to esperal confirmed that while taking the drug appear metallic taste in the mouth, headache, psychosis, allergic reactions, polyneuritis of lower limbs. Often there is confusion, memory loss, gastritis, optic neuritis. In rare cases develop cerebral thrombosis, hepatitis, and fatigue.

Drug interaction esperal

One-time use of isoniazid esperal and leads to violations of conduct and co-ordination.

One-time use of the drug and 5-nitroimidazole derivatives - metronidazole, ornidazole, secnidazole, tinidazola- increases the risk of delirium disorders, mental confusion.

The combined use of oral anticoagulants esperal and enhances their effect and increases the risk of bleeding.

Disulfiram is able to inhibit the oxidative metabolism of benzodiazepines, increasing their sedative effects (especially diazepam and chlordiazepoxide). Doses of benzodiazepines is recommended to adjust in accordance with the clinical symptoms.