Description ergot

 Ergot ears on cereals
 Ergot or uterine horns - a parasitic fungus that occurs in patients with ears of cereals, mostly wheat and rye. Gather the horns during the harvest of grain in the resting stage, adapted to wintering. Now agricultural crops thanks to modern methods of treatment, ergot almost does not occur, and for medicinal purposes it is cultivated in isolated plantings.

The chemical composition includes a number of ergot alkaloids toxic - ergozin, ergotamine, ergocryptine, ergocristine, ergocornine, ergometrine, which when released into the flour in the form of impurities can cause severe poisoning called ergotism. Besides horns contain pigments, saccharides, phytosterols, organic acids, fatty oils, amines and amino acids.

The use of ergot

For therapeutic purposes, using ergot in the second half of the XIX century as an effective hemostatic agent in uterine bleeding. In the form of powder and this fungus infusion causes vasoconstriction while increasing muscle tone of the uterus. It atonic postpartum uterine bleeding are the main indications for the use of preparations containing ergot - Ergometrine maleate, Ergotala and Ergotamine tartrate. In addition, these drugs are prescribed for violations of the menstrual cycle, as well as diagnostic invasive procedures and bleeding after abortion.

 Ergot - parasitic fungus family sporynёvye
 Ergot Also included in some combined drugs, for example, Belloidum which further comprises addition of ergot alkaloids of belladonna and butiletilbarbiturovuyu acid and applied with neurotic disorders, migraine, hyperthyroidism and Meniere's disease.

Ergot is a part of the homeopathic remedy Secale comutum and is indicated for concussion, lower leg ulcers, diarrhea, migraines, diabetes, difficult labor and high blood pressure.

In folk medicine used as ergot hypotensive and vasodilator for the treatment of hypertension and other diseases, which contribute to circulatory disorders, as well as headaches, mental disorders, menopause and migraine. To prepare the broth for the treatment of migraine one teaspoon of ergot and pour a glass of boiling water and infused for half an hour. Take 1 tablespoon three times a day. This decoction can also be used to stop uterine bleeding.

A number of experimental studies recorded that ergot drugs, affecting blood pressure, can cause bradycardia, and increases blood clotting and damage the vascular endothelium.

When using ergot should be borne in mind that this plant is highly toxic and requires great care and compulsory medical supervision.

Contraindications ergot

Preparations from ergot contraindicated to take during pregnancy, and their use during childbirth causes various diseases, including impaired self placenta and respiratory depression in the newborn.

In addition, contraindications to the use of ergot are angina and peripheral vasoconstriction, glaucoma, disorders of liver and kidney function, septic conditions, the later stages of atherosclerosis and hypertension, peptic ulcer disease of the gastrointestinal tract, and in epilepsy medicines containing ergot, take caution.

In case of overdose or poisoning ergot infected flour may develop necrotic changes in the peripheral parts of the extremities, which are accompanied by severe pain and damage to the central nervous system, manifesting as drowsiness, paresthesia, dizziness, and mental disorders. In some cases, ergot can cause acute intoxication deaths.