Ergocalciferol - means  Packing Ergocalciferol
 for the prevention and treatment of hypovitaminosis and avitaminosis D.

Pharmacological properties

Ergocalciferol (vitamin D2) is involved in the regulation of calcium and phosphorus metabolism in the body. Under the action of enzymes in the body it is converted to active metabolites that can easily penetrate through the membrane into the cells and they bind to specific receptors. Such interaction ergocalciferol receptors activates calcium binding protein synthesis and collagen enzyme alkaline phosphatase and others. Is facilitated absorption of calcium and phosphorus from the intestine into the blood, accelerating their movement to the various organs, and especially in the bone tissue.

Vitamin D2 stimulates the growth of cartilage tissue in areas of bone growth, and enhances renal reabsorption of calcium phosphates, amino acids. On mechanism of ergocalciferol is an antagonist of PTH parathyroid.

From digestive tract ergocalciferol absorbed in the distal small intestine, the degree of absorption depends on the level of its deficiency in the body, making up 60 - 90%, and increases the absorption of bile. As it turns active metabolites in the liver and kidney, the longest in the body is stored in the adipose tissue. Withdrawal from the body through the intestines.

Product form

The drug is produced in pellets, oil and alcohol solution for internal use, in drops for oral administration.

Indications ergocalciferol

Inside Ergocalciferol used for the prevention and treatment of deficiency of calcium and phosphorus in the body in conditions such as rickets and rahitopodobnyh disease, osteoporosis, bone softening, malabsorption of calcium and phosphorus in the intestine, with a lack of sunlight in the Far North, alcoholism, while pregnancy and lactation, with hypoparathyroidism, pseudohypoparathyreosis, tetany.

Externally used to treat vitamin D2 dermatitis with dry skin, diaper dermatitis, mild burns, small wounds and cuts, abrasions, to prevent the formation and treatment of cracked nipples from breast-feeding women.


According to the instructions Ergocalciferol not apply in case of intolerance of vitamin D2, excessive calcium and phosphorus in the body, renal osteodystrophy. Carefully supervised by a doctor of its use with active pulmonary tuberculosis, sarcoidosis, the elderly, during pregnancy in women over the age of 35 years, breastfeeding, education phosphate stones in the case of kidney stones, chronic kidney and heart failure.

Instructions for use of ergocalciferol

For internal use dosage is selected individually depending on the severity of the disease and taking into account the amount of vitamin that comes from food. Before using the drug, it is desirable to mix in a spoon with a little water.

For the prevention of rickets in children spend its prevention by assigning Ergocalciferol women from 30 weeks of pregnancy, in the autumn-winter period. The dose is 400 - 500 IU a day every day.

In full-term infants to prevent Ergocalciferol according to the instructions given in the autumn and winter, since the age of 3 - 4 weeks, at a dose of 400 - 500 IU / day for the first 2 years of life. In summer months, the drug is not shown. For premature infants, as well as difficult circumstances and with a low degree of insolation prophylactic begin with 2 weeks of age in a dose of 1000 IU / day. This method is called the method of "fractional doses."

For children who are bottle-fed adapted formulas in calculating the daily dose ergocalciferol should take into account its content in the mixture, and properly reduce the dosage of the drug.

To carry out the method of prevention of rickets, "vitamin shock" ergocalciferol given in a dose of 20 - 30 thousand IU 2 times a week for 6 to 8 consecutive weeks.

For certain categories of children - from socially disadvantaged families or private institutions in the northern regions of residence, in the presence of risk factors for rickets in the background comorbidities to prevent it more convenient to use "compact method" when the daily dose of ergocalciferol is 10 - 15 thousand IU per day 20 consecutive days.

For the treatment of rickets dose ergocalciferol above. At 1 degree full-term children rickets recommended intake of vitamin D2 from 10 to 15,000 IU / day, at 2 degrees - the total course dose is 600 - 800 thousand IU, with 3 stages 700 - 800 thousand IU per course. Duration of the course depends on the severity - in acute during directional dose distribute 10 - 15 days, with a subacute 30 - 45 days of admission.

If osteomalacia  Ergocalciferol vial
   and osteoporosis Ergocalciferol take 3,000 IU daily for 1, 5 months, women in menopause needs receive 400 - 800 IU / day, along with calcium. In the pathology of the parathyroid glands dose ergocalciferol can reach up to 1 million IU per day.

In the treatment of the data means to prevent its possible every 7 days you must use Sulkovicha samples to determine the content of calcium in the urine.

Vitamin D2 should be stored in a tightly sealed container in a dark place, to its medicinal properties have not lost their power. In the body, the fat-soluble drug can accumulate.

When you want to receive high doses of ergocalciferol with him to take optimal complex of vitamins A, B and C. For greater effect in preterm infants require concomitant use of phosphates.

For external use ergocalciferol is applied to clean skin 2 times a day, the duration of the application depends on the dynamics of the disease.

Side effects of ergocalciferol

According to the instructions Ergocalciferol can cause headaches, weakness, nausea, irritability, frequent urination, weight loss, calcification of tissues, very rarely - cardiac arrhythmia.