Eplan - external agent with bactericidal, regenerative and healing effect.  Wound healing drug Eplan

Pharmacological action Eplan

The active ingredient Eplan has wound-healing, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, regenerating and analgesic effects.

The drug Eplan provides comprehensive protection of the skin and promotes its recovery in case of damage due to exposure to harmful substances such as organic and inorganic origin. After the complex test was established efficacy of Eplan as a universal means to protect the skin from:

  • Toxic chemicals;
  • Highly toxic substances;
  • Acid;
  • Petroleum products;
  • Salts of heavy metals;
  • Lacquers;
  • Alkalis;
  • Cutting fluids.

Eplan Review creates a protective film and can be used as a "biological gloves" with a duration of up to eight hours. Aseptic processing of the skin contributes to:

  • Complete destruction of vegetative forms of microorganisms, including fungi;
  • Prevention of Skin Diseases and domestic infections arising upon contact with various objects in the home or in transport.

In addition, Eplan Review is effective to shorten the healing of wounds and burns, and to prevent infection of wounds and, thanks to pronounced analgesic effect, can be used to:

  • Relieving swelling in cases of bruises and insect bites;
  • Warnings and remove frostbite.

The composition Eplan not include antibiotics and analgesics and hormones. The drug can be used for a long time in all age groups, without causing mutagenic and carcinogenic effects.

Eplan Review does not stick to wounds that minimizes the possibility of re-traumatization when changing dressings.

Form release Eplan

Eplan produced in the form:

  • Liniment containing 100 g of active ingredient - glikolan (8 5 g), and glycerol, ethyl carbitol, triethylene glycol and water. In flakonah- 20 ml;
  • Cream containing 100 g of active ingredient - glikolan (7, 2 g) and glycerin, polyethylene glycol, carbitol, triethylene glycol and water. 30 g in the box;
  • Medical gauze (16h14 in individual sealed pouch), impregnated with a solution of Eplan.

Indications Eplan

Eplan for instructions should be used:  Eplan crme

  • In all kinds of burns (sun, chemical, thermal, radiation);
  • When abrasions, cuts, abrasions, and also for the treatment of wounds in all phases of wound healing, including first aid;
  • When sports and everyday bruises and injuries (to prevent the formation of hematomas);
  • To reduce the terms of the healing of burns and wounds, as well as to prevent infection;
  • To remove the itching and swelling of insect bites.

Furthermore, Eplan effective in treating various skin disorders:

  • Microbial eczema;
  • Acne vulgaris;
  • Various ulcers;
  • Bedsores;
  • Viral infection - warts, herpes, genital warts;
  • Psoriasis.


According to the instructions to use Eplan is contraindicated in case of hypersensitivity to the components included in this product.

Side effects

When using Eplan unwanted side effects are not fixed.

Dosing Eplan

Eplan used externally by applying cream on the affected skin. As the absorption and drying process Eplanom repeated until complete healing.

Storage conditions

Eplan of instructions refers to a number of external medicines, supply of pharmacies are permitted without a prescription. Shelf life - up to five years.