Emla - a local anesthetic indicated for surface anesthesia.  Anesthetics Emla

Present in the dosage form of a cream for external and topical use as a homogenous white. The main active ingredient of the drug Emla are local anesthetics of the amide type - lidocaine (25 mg) and prilocaine (25 mg). The auxiliary substances are macrogol drug glitserilgidroksistearat, Carbomer 974P, sodium hydroxide and purified water.

Aluminum Tubes of 5 g (5) into cardboard boxes.

Aluminum Tubes 30g (1) into cardboard boxes.

Pharmacological action Emla

The therapeutic effect of the drug according to instructions Emla is achieved by blocking the voltage-dependent Na + -channels, which prevents the occurrence of pulses in the nerve endings and the conduct of the nerve fibers. The active compounds inhibit Emla conduct not only of pain impulses, and impulses of other modalities.

Maximum intensity of anesthesia after applying the cream Emla and removing occlusive dressing comes in 1 hour and lasts for about 30 minutes.

The genital mucosa is exposed to anesthesia more quickly than intact skin - due to rapid absorption of the drug. Within 5-10 minutes after applying the product Emla on the genitals in women is achieved, anesthesia, the duration of which is 15-20 minutes: it is sufficient for the relief of pain associated with the use of an argon laser.

Degree Emla anesthetic effect depends on the duration of application of the drug and dosage.

The feedback to the Emla not noted the negative impact of the cream on the bacterial flora of the process of healing of ulcers.

Indications Emla

Emla Cream analogues and the drug successfully used in the need for surface anesthesia of the mucous membranes and skin, surgical operations on the skin and mucous membranes of the superficial nature, taking skin grafts in surgery or Combustiology, before the introduction of the needle into the skin to the catheterization of blood vessels or a fence blood before excision and mechanical cleansing of venous ulcers.

Furthermore, the use Emla produce the desired anesthetic effect the removal of tattoos.


The instructions to Emla noted the following contraindications to the use of the drug:

  • Idiopathic or congenital methemoglobinemia;
  • Hypersensitivity to local anesthetics of the amide structure;
  • Children up to 37 weeks of prematurity;
  • Children up to 12 months;
  • Anesthesia prior to administration of live vaccines.

The caution is recommended to use the drug Emla and unique means of persons suffering from atopic dermatitis.

Side effects Emla

Despite the fact that Emla, reviews to the drug, well tolerated, in some cases, may cause the following side effects:

  • Hyperemia;
  • Edema;
  • Burning;
  • Itching;
  • Allergic reactions including anaphylactic shock.

With an overdose of the drug may occur excitation of the central nervous system, infants, coma, convulsions. Treatment of this condition by means of symptomatic therapy: maintain vital functions of pulmonary ventilation, anticonvulsant therapy. In the case of methemoglobinemia recommended slowly administered methylene blue solution.  Cream for topical Emla

Dosing Emla

According to the instructions Emla applied topically under an occlusive dressing in the package, at least 1 hour before the procedure. In medical practice on the dressing recorded the exact time of application of the drug. After removal of the remains of her cream wipe ethanol.

For anesthesia of the skin (for adults) Emla cream is applied on the basis of the rate of 1, 5 g / 10 sq. cm, leaving a bandage 1-5 hours.

The dosage for children aged 3-11 months is 1 g / 20 cm², children older than 1 year - 1 g / 10 square centimeters

In order to apply anesthesia genital lotions Emla 5-10 g for 5-10 minutes, without the need for tight bandage overlaying.

When the diagnosis of atopic dermatitis drug Emla duration of application should not exceed 30 minutes.


Emla Cream and analogues of the drug should not be applied to open wounds, except for venous ulcers of the lower extremities.

Care must be taken when applying Emla on the skin around the eyes: the loss of protective reflexes may provoke damage to the cornea. If you get the cream in your eyes, immediately rinse the irritated places with saline or water, and apply a protective bandage over his eyes.

Reviews of Emla do not recommend to apply the drug on the damaged eardrum due to the possible risk of penetration of the active substance in the middle ear.

Due to the lack of studies, and the lack of data on the absorption rate of the drug should not be used Emla cream on the genital mucosa in children.

Reduction reactions while driving transport and equipment using Emla cream was not observed.

Storage conditions Emla

Do not store medication Emla at temperatures above 30 degrees Celsius and the freezing of the drug. Keep away from children!

Shelf life - 3 years. Use of the drug after its expiration is not appropriate.