Ekteritsid - is a drug  Packing Ekteritsid
 a drug belonging to the group of antimicrobials and antiparasitic agents having a natural origin. In the opinion of Ekteritsid it has a strong antiseptic effect.

Pharmacological action

Ekteritsid contains water-soluble products obtained from fish oil - aldehydes and peroxides. The drug is quite effective against pyogenic (pyogenic) microflora - Proteus, Escherichia coli and Pseudomonas sticks, staphylococci, including antibiotic-resistant strains. Ekteritsid has low toxicity and when applied topically is not irritating to tissue.

Indications Ekteritsida

According to the instructions for treating Ekteritsid:

  • Run complicated pyogenic microflora;
  • Carbuncles and boils;
  • Burns;
  • Festering trophic ulcers.

In the opinion of Ekteritsid can also be used for rehabilitation of meningococcal carriers.

Ekteritsid: instructions for use

This drug is used topically for wound irrigation surfaces or under a bandage. Dressings should be done every three days. For the treatment of burns to Ekteritsidu added 0, 5% novocaine solution (50 0 mL Ekteritsida 10 0 Novocain ml). The resulting mixture is moistened sterile gauze, which closes the wound defect and fixed with a bandage.

To carry out rehabilitation meningococcal carriers produce nasal irrigation 30, 0 ml of the drug. According to the instructions Ekteritsid in this case can also be used in the form of nose drops (4 - 5 drops once a day) or investing in each nostril turundy cotton soaked in the solution for 25 minutes. Redevelopment media must necessarily be carried out under bacteriological control.

Adverse Reactions

In the opinion of Ekteritsid can lead to allergic reactions manifested by redness of the skin, mucosal edema, burning sensation, itching.

Contraindications Ekteritsidu

The use of this  Ekteritsid Patients
 the drug is contraindicated if the patient has an individual hypersensitivity to it.

Release form and composition

Ekteritsid obtained from fish oil. Its main active ingredients are peroxides, fatty acids and aldehydes. The drug is available in bottles with a capacity of 250, 0 mL.

The analogue Ekteritsida

Currently, the pharmacy chain represented another drug with similar action to Ekteritsidom - Dekasan. However, he has a slightly different composition and therefore before starting to use the analogue Ekteritsida should always consult with a physician.

storage conditions

Ekteritsid should be stored in a cool place at a temperature between +4 and +10 ° C.