Eglonil - agent for the treatment of neurotic disorders.  Eglonil ampoules

Pharmacological properties eglonil

Eglonil belong to the group of neuroleptics. The main active ingredient of this tool - sulpiride. The mechanism of action of the drug associated with the selective blocking of the dopamine D2-receptors in the central nervous system (in the mesolimbic and Mesocortical zones). Through this blocking effect Eglonil has a moderate antidepressant, antipsychotic and stimulant effect. Application Eglonil secondary therapeutic doses hardly affects the productive symptoms - delusions and hallucinations, but at the same time eliminates the depression and apathy.

Additional therapeutic effect is eglonil electoral influence on the hypothalamus and suppress it in the centers of excitation of the sympathetic nervous system. It increases the formation of protective mucus in the stomach, improves blood flow to the stomach wall, improves the healing of erosions and ulcers. Therefore, indications are also Eglonilu ulcerative erosive processes in the stomach, especially in the background of marked stress.

Pharmacodynamics of the drug linear - its concentration in the blood depends on the dose. Eglonil well penetrates the blood-brain barrier to the brain. In the body, it is practically not metabolized. Unchanged excreted in the urine by the kidneys.

Analogues eglonil are drugs such as Betamax, Prosulpin.

Product form

According to the instructions Eglonil available in tablets of 50 mg and 200 mg, 5% solution in 2 ml ampoules.

Indications Eglonilu

The drug used in the treatment of depressive disorders, schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders, migraine, psychosomatic disorder, post-traumatic encephalopathy, disorders of behavior among children and dizziness. Positive reviews Eglonile in treatment of gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcers, stress ulcers of the digestive tract, ulcer drugs.


According to the instructions Eglonil not be used if you are hypersensitive, tumors of the adrenal medulla - pheochromocytoma, high blood pressure, agitation in the state.

Caution is required in the application of Eglon during pregnancy, breastfeeding, in old age, epilepsy, kidney failure.

Instructions for use eglonil

 Eglonil as tablets
 In the acute phase of the disease and the severity of psychotic symptoms, treatment begins with parenteral administration of the drug intramuscularly. At steady state the patient is recommended to take in pill form.

Dose in psychotic disorders depends on what prevails symptoms - if positive 800-1600 mg / day in 3 divided doses, with the negative of 200-600 mg / day in 3 divided doses.

Children's dose was calculated based on the weight of the body - 5.10 mg / kg / day, it depends on the severity of symptoms.

For the treatment of gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer take 150 mg 3 times a day, the course of 4-6 weeks. In psychosomatic disorders quite 100-200 mg / day.

For the treatment of depressive disorders the dose of 150-300 mg 3 times a day, with vertigo 150-300 mg / day. In case of insufficient expressed clinical effect dose increased.

During pregnancy, doses of Eglon must be as low as possible and a short course.

As analogs Eglonil reduces the reaction rate and concentration.

side effects

In the opinion of Eglonil can cause during treatment insomnia, dizziness, agitation, anxiety, headaches, dry mouth, tremors, fever, changes in the biochemical analysis of blood, high blood pressure, vomiting, nausea, constipation, allergic reactions such as itching and rash.