Ebermin - ointment with a complex wound healing and bactericidal action. It contains the human epidermal growth factor  Packing Ebermin
 recombinant .  Ebermin stimulates the migration and proliferation of fibroblasts, endothelial cells, keratinocytes and other cells that are actively involved in wound healing, epithelialization, scarring and recovery of tissue elasticity .  Recombinant endothelial growth factor obtained by recombinant DNA .  The mechanism of action of this substance is similar to that of endogenous epithelial FR .  The composition also includes Ebermina silver sulfadiazine having antimicrobial activity .  It is active against gram-positive, gram-negative microorganisms, fungi, dermatophytes .  Hydrophilic base Ebermina provides some dehydrating effect, has analgesic effect, creates a therapeutic concentration of active substances in the affected area .  Positive reviews Ebermine reinforced its cosmetic effect, in particular - the ability to improve the aesthetics of the scar by normalizing aging and orientation of the collagen fibers, thus preventing abnormal scarring, contracture formation, keloids .

Indications Ebermina

According to the instructions Eberminu, this drug is indicated for:

• superficial, deep burns of varying severity;

• trophic ulcers (under occlusive disease, chronic venous insufficiency, erysipelas, diabetes);

• bedsores;

• nonhealing wounds (wound stump, with autodermatoplastike in the area of ​​lysis and settle down between the flaps of skin wound in the area of ​​residual donor sites);

• violation of the integrity of the skin during surgery, cosmetic interventions, trauma;

• frostbite;

• ulcers in the application of cytotoxic drugs;

• radiation dermatitis, including after radiotherapy.

Contraindications Ebermina

According to the instructions Eberminu, contraindications to its use are hypersensitivity to the components, the age of 1 year, pregnancy, lactation. Ebermin not be used in the zone of active tumor lesion, as well as to stimulate scar formation in the area of ​​excision of the tumor.

Dosage, Dosage

Ebermin applied topically. Perhaps the use of the product at any stage of wound healing. Before applying the ointment held preliminary standard wound treatment with antiseptics (for infection). After drying the wound surface layer of ointment is applied with a spatula in 1-2mm thickness. In the closed method of treatment is applied on top of a sterile cloth or occlusive material. When expressed exudation and in the case of the wet method of treatment is recommended to dress the wound 1 time per day. When bespovyazochnom (open) the treatment is recommended to apply Ebermin three times a day.

Before re-  Ointment Ebermin
 applique ointments carried toilet wound with an antiseptic or saline solution. This should avoid traumatizing the young epithelium and granulation tissue.

Treatment with Ebermina continued until complete epithelialization of the wound or its readiness for closure of skin graft.

For the prevention of radiation dermatitis Ebermin applied on the irradiated area of ​​the skin twice a day, is not removed from the site of application after 6-8 hours of exposure. The duration of treatment in this case corresponds to the duration of a course of radiotherapy. You should not discontinue the use of the ointment in case of missing the next session of radiation.

Side effect

The drug Ebermin fairly well tolerated. Cases of allergic reactions, as well as a burning sensation, pain, discomfort, constriction in the field of application of ointment. These phenomena are alone 10 minutes after the imposition of the affected area of ​​the dressing.


Due to the presence in the composition of Ebermina silver sulfadiazine should be used cautiously in congenital deficiency of glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase, renal disease, liver. When bespovyazochnom treatment is recommended to avoid direct sunlight to the area covered with ointment.

Reviews Ebermine

Reviews Ebermine positive due to the high clinical activity of the drug. Proven to significantly reduce the time of healing of burns, ulcers, wounds using Ebermina compared to the classical local therapy.

Analogs Ebermina

This drug is the first representative of the recombinant EGF. Analogues Ebermina no.