Dysport - a drug to relieve muscle spasms.

Pharmacological action

 Dysport when ingested in place of administration release acetylcholine - a neurotransmitter in the transmission of information areas (synapses) where nerve cells are interconnected with nerve fibers and central nervous system as a whole. Thus, due to the drug in the neuromuscular synapses relieves spasms and recovers the transmission of nerve impulses.

Effect of the drug is developed for 10-20 days after the administration, and the effect of Dysport is saved after 3-4 months.

The drug is used in cosmetics, ophthalmology, surgery, urology, general practice.

Product form

Producing a powder and a solution for injection Dysport.

Indications for use Dysport injections

Dysport is used to treat blepharospasm - teak century neurological origin; hemifacial spasm - a disease in which there is a reduction of facial nerve due to compression of blood vessels of the brain; spasmodic torticollis; increased tone hands after a stroke; to correct the dynamic deformation stop spastic origin in children with cerebral palsy.

There are reviews of Dysport, has been used successfully for the treatment of excessive sweating of the feet, armpits, palms, hyperreflexia bladder, headaches, esophageal achalasia (esophageal sphincter spasms), cracks anus, as well as to eliminate facial wrinkles.

Instructions Dysport: methods of use

In bilateral blepharospasm the dosages of 120 IU of the preparation for each eye. The clinical effect is over 2-4 days, maximum - to the end of the second week of treatment. To avoid relapses Dysport for instructions administered every 8 weeks, with the dose for each eye is reduced to 60 units.

When spasmodic torticollis treatment is initiated with 500 units. Dysport is administered in parts 2 or 3 active muscles in the neck, according to the variety of torticollis: rotary, side or back. Judging by the reviews of Dysport from patients torticollis, a positive effect was observed already in the first days after the injection. In order to avoid recurrence of repeated injections every 8-12 weeks.

For the treatment of hyper-hand, formed after the stroke, use the dosage of 1000 U of Dysport, which was partitioned between 5th muscles. In some cases, avoid the weakening of muscles, to reduce the dose of 500 IU. Repeated injections of Dysport is administered every 16 weeks, but not more than once every 8 weeks.

For smoothing of facial wrinkles in the area between the eyebrows 30-100 IU Dysport is administered in 4-8 points.

If wrinkles are formed in the frontal part, injected Dysport in the area where there is the greatest pressure, with the number of points of introduction - 4-6, and are located in 2 inches of the level of the eyebrows. Total administered 20-90 units, counting 5-15 units per 1 point.

For the correction of wrinkles formed in the outer corners of the eyes ("crow's feet"), under the instruction of 5-15 IU Dysport is administered at one point. A total of one eye falls 2-4 points. The maximum permissible dose - 120 units. Judging by the reviews of Dysport, its effect can be observed 3-4 months after administration.

To align the wrinkles formed on the back of the nose, Dysport injections into the nasal muscles. 1-2 points in each muscle accounts for 5-10 IU medication.

Women, referring to the beautician on the correction of wrinkles, should be warned that one of Dysport is contraindicated under the age of 30 years.

For the treatment of curvature of the foot in children with cerebral palsy, Dysport is administered to calves at a dose of 20 U per kilogram body weight of the child. If your child has corrupted stop only on one leg, administered 10 U / kg. Optimal and appropriate for the child dosage is adjusted depending on the results obtained after administration of the first dose. Dysport injections repeated every 16 weeks. Judging by the reviews of Dysport, its effect in this case, a further period of two weeks after the injection.

The minimum dosage for the treatment of hyperhidrosis underarm, palms, feet, which is specified in the instructions Dysport is 1, 5-2 units per 1 sq. cm area to be treated. On average, it turns out that on 1 point per 6-8 units of the drug (1 point 4 sq. Cm of skin). Improvement of after Dysport celebrated on the second day of treatment. The action of the drug is maintained for 4-8 months.

For the treatment of anal fissures in the anal sphincter semicircle on either side of the crack 30 IU administered drug. It is noted that after Dysport arises of irreversible damage of the sphincter or other side effects.

For the treatment of tension headaches Dysport for instruction in equal doses of 25 IU injected into the sternocleidomastoid, temporal, occipital and frontal muscles - a total of 200 units.

When oesophageal achalasia administered two injections of Dysport at 0, 5 ml of the lower esophageal sphincter. Acceptable for one person, the dosage is 250 IU. A week after Dysport have improved. Effect of the drug is observed even 6-12 months.

To resolve hyperreflexia bladder spend pre-anesthesia and inject 20-40 points 25-40 ED drug, if there is a neurogenic overactive bladder. Total patient is necessary to introduce 800-1000 IU. If hyperactivity bladder is not associated with disorders of the nervous system are injected in 20 points 15-25 U per 1 dot. All you need to enter the units 300-500. There are reviews of Dysport, that its action in this case is maintained 6-10 months.

Side effects after Dysport

After Dysport during normal blepharospasm and hemifacial can develop blepharoptosis, diplopia, or paralysis of the facial muscles medium. Pass the side effects after 2-4 weeks after treatment. Also, it may occur flu-like symptoms, rash, burning sensation. It is important in this case to determine whether there is an allergy to the drug, as it is one of the contra-indications Dysport.

When spasmodic torticollis may weaken muscles located near the site of administration of Dysport injections may develop dysphagia, appear dry mouth, weakness, breathing problems, skin rashes, may change his voice, impaired vision.

 Dysport injections, wrinkles
 With the introduction of the drug for the treatment of elevated muscle tone in his arms, manifested after the stroke, may appear at the injection site pain, weakness and fatigue, muscle weakness, drowsiness.

When smoothing facial wrinkles after Dysport may feel pain, numbness, headache, injection site bruising may appear, can raise or lower the eyebrows.

In the treatment of foot deformities in children observed pain in the legs, bronchitis, sore throat, fever, upper respiratory infections develop ways, asthma, colds, vomiting, cough, fatigue, diarrhea, urinary incontinence, somnolence, laryngitis, gastroenteritis.

Serious side effects after Dysport applied for hyperhidrosis was not observed. The injection site may feel pain or appear mikrogematoma.

For headaches due administration sometimes observed muscle weakness in the neck, which is held in 1-2 weeks.

If achalasia patient after application of Dysport may be mild chest pain when administered funds, sometimes develop gastroesophageal reflux disease.

Contraindications Dysport

The main contraindication Dysport is the presence of inflammation in the alleged injection site rash, acne, herpes, etc. Do not use the drug during an exacerbation of any chronic disease, in case of hypersensitivity to the drug in cancer, myasthenia gravis.

In addition, serious contraindications Dysport considered pregnancy and lactation.