Vigamoks - antiparasitic, antimicrobial agent for the treatment of inflammatory diseases of the eye.

Pharmacological action

Vigamoks - drugs that affect a large number of micro-organisms: Gram-positive, Gram-negative, acid-resistant, atypical bacteria, anaerobes. Vigamoks effective against organisms that are resistant to beta-lactam antibiotics, macrolides.

The active ingredient of the drug - moxifloxacin.

Product form

Producing Vigamoks drops for the eyes.


Vigamoks effective for the topical treatment of conjunctivitis, which is triggered by pathogens susceptible to moxifloxacin.

Instructions for use Vigamoksa

 Vigamoks drops
 Assign Vigamoks children and adults.

According to the instructions Vigamoks instilled into the patient one or both eyes during the 4 days of one drop of 3 p / day.

Vigamoks children appoint a medical scheme as an adult. The product is suitable and newborns, as is safe and highly effective.

After removing the cap from the bottle with drops Vigomaks should avoid contact with outsiders sterile pipette items, to avoid the threat of microbial contamination drops.

Side effects

There are reviews of Vigamoks, that it causes itching, dry eyes, blurred vision, keratitis, subconjunctival hemorrhage.

Rarely, but may appear respiratory failure, angioedema, throat, loss of consciousness, headache, collapse, vascular edema, utrikauriya.

At least one manifestation of side effects of drops should be discontinued.


According to the instructions Vigamoks not used in the sensitivity to component drops.

When pregnancy appointment Vigamoks possible under strict conditions, if the effect is not observed after treatment by means of the other groups. The safety of a drop during lactation has not been proven, so their purpose at this time is not recommended.

Reviews Vigamoks, accidental oral administration, saying the absence of intoxication in this case. Overdosing by topical application impossible because of the small volume conjunctival sac.

With prolonged use of antibacterial Vigamoks can multiply excessively resistant to the microorganism. If you begin to develop a superinfection should drop Vigamoks change to another drug.

Contact lenses for the treatment of bacterial conjunctivitis are not put to cure the disease.

Some time after instillation of the drops, if there was a blurred vision, other visual disturbance, should refrain from driving, the management of complex mechanisms.