Drops Kvinaks - ophthalmic agent.

Pharmacological action

Kvinaks Drops are used to treat cataracts.

Tool runs proteolytic enzymes moist eye front camera, so it is possible resorption opaque eye lens proteins. Also drops Kvinaks protect sulfhydryl compound lens from oxidative reactions.

Reviews Kvinaks among cataract patients are positive, it is the most popular treatment for this disease.

The active substance Kvinaks - polysulfonates sodium azapentatsena, adjuvants act thiomersal, boric acid, methylparaben, purified water, propyl paraben.

Product form

Drops Kvinaks manufactured as ophthalmic solution 0, 015% concentration of the magenta colored transparent vials polyethylene dropper cap.

Sell ​​drop by prescription only.


Displaying Kvinaks use in congenital, secondary, traumatic, senile cataracts.

Instructions for use Kvinaks

 Drops Kvinaks

According to the instructions Kvinaks supposed to bury 3-5 p / day in the eyes of the patient 1-2kap.

The tool can be used continuously, even if the expected therapeutic effect occurred rapidly, treatment should not be interrupted.

Drops in an open vial suitable for the treatment a month. After each use, be sure to close the bottle.

side effects

There are no bad reviews Kvinaks, side effects in the case of funds in recommended doses is not fixed.

In case of accidental ingestion negative actions did not occur. Data on overdose funds have been received.

Contraindications Kvinaks

Kvinaks of instructions can not be used in case of hypersensitivity.

There is not enough data about the safety of Kvinaks during pregnancy, lactation, children, so during these periods and the children of drug administered in rare cases.

When backfilling avoid eye contact with the mucous eye dropper with a skin of eyelids.

Patients after instillation of the eye is observed blurred vision, you should give up driving transport, control equipment and instruments immediately after use drops.

Patients who wear contact lenses should remove them before digging tools. Wear them only after 15 min after the procedure.