Katalin - medication used in ophthalmology.

Pharmacological action

Application Catalina slows the development of cataracts (clouding of the lens, accompanied by a decrease in visual acuity), restores the permeability of the membrane of the lens, the lens prevents the destruction of the protein, it restores glucose metabolism, prevents the formation of sorbitol, blocking aldose reductase, it stops the action of quinones.

The active ingredient of the drug - pinoreksin as adjuvants used boric acid, acid aminoethylsulphonic.

With instillation of a drop in konyunktivialny bag seven times at intervals of 5 minutes. the maximum concentration of the drug in the lens of - 0, 003mkg / ml (achieved through 4h.) in the aqueous humor - 0 0189mkg / ml. (achieved after 2 hours).

Katalin bound to plasma proteins, almost not metabolised, unchanged excreted by the kidneys

Product form

Drops Katalin not sold ready. The packaging of the drug for the preparation of drops is a vial with solvent (buffered isotonic saline) and sterile tablet containing 0, 75 mg pirenoksina.

Indications Catalina

Application Catalina effective for the prevention of early cataract, diabetic cataract.

mode of application

 Drops Katalin

Katalin drip drops prescribed by one, two peas in a bag konyunktivialny 5-6 p / day. The course of treatment is usually long - a few months.

To prepare the droplets in the solution, without breaking the sterility, the tablet should be deleted. After dissolution of the tablet obtained yellow transparent liquid.

When backfilling eyes undesirable touching the eyes, skin, eyelashes, fingers pipette.

side effects

Drops Katalin normally tolerated. In some cases it has been observed inflammation of the cornea, the edges of the eyelids, the emergence of pain, itching, stinging, tearing, redness.

Usually, side effects are transient, if they appear, Katalin canceled and negative effects disappear.

Contraindications Catalina

Katalin not use this if you are sensitive.

Diluted Drops Katalin stored in a cool place, where there is no access of light. Use ready-made solution can be only for three to four weeks.

Contraindicated to take the drug along with eye drops that contain metal ions - zinc sulphate, colloid silver, silver solutions.

Applying drops simultaneously with taurine can enhance their effect.