Guttalaks - laxative.

Pharmacological action

The drug is a derivative of triarylmethane Guttalaks. The drug increases colonic motility and stimulates the receptors of mucous.

Laxative effect is manifested through Guttalaks 6-12ch after use.

Product form

Producing Guttalaks drop in flakonah-.

Indications Guttalaks

Guttalaks of instruction prescribed for all varieties of constipation - associated with involuntary contractions of the colon and intestines caused by decrease in the motor activity.

Can be used during pregnancy Guttalaks for bowel in preparation for surgery, to facilitate bowel movements with hemorrhoids, anal fissures, in the postoperative period

There are good reviews about Guttalaks as a laxative to eliminate constipation caused by diet, immobility, obesity.

Instructions for use Guttalaks

 Guttalaks drops
 Guttalaks drops adults appoint 5-10kap. If constipation steady, the dose can be increased to 15kap. Babies 2-12l. the drug is prescribed for 2-5kap.

Before applying Guttalaks it should be diluted in a little water.

Side effects

After the drug may cause diarrhea, abdominal pain, dehydration, weakness, poor balance of water and electrolyte (decrease potassium levels, other electrolytes, which can lead to poor tolerance of cardiac glycosides).

There are also reviews of Guttalaks, that it causes cramps and low blood pressure.

Contraindications Guttalaks

Guttalaks of instructions are not prescribed for strangulated hernia, acute inflammation in the abdominal cavity, intestinal obstruction, bleeding from the digestive tract, abdominal pain whose origin is unsettled, severe dehydration, spastic constipation, cystitis, uterine bleeding, hypersensitivity to sodium picosulphate, components of other funds during lactation.

Can be used during pregnancy Guttalaks - the negative effect of the drug on fetal development have been identified, but usually do not appoint a drop during the 1st trimester (only for specific indications, as directed by your doctor).

For the avoidance of side effects to be taken every day Guttalaks long time.

Guttalaks children prescribed in rare cases, newborns drops absolutely contraindicated.

The simultaneous use of funds with antibiotics may reduce the laxative effect of the drops.